"Count Your Blessings & Smile"
by:  George Formby  May 31, 1940

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November 17, 2018
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
10 Steps Ahead
NLP:      I'm going to teach you to be able to take my job.
MMM:  If I take your job, what will you do?
(smiling, winking & puffing on his pipe)   I'll always be 10 steps ahead.

July 25, 2017
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Die with Dignity, my Ass - What Bullshit

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, what a vile despicable excuse for a human.  Look up the word "EVIL" and you should see a picture of this murderous, globalist, cunt, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.  Thank GOD she is dead.  My prayer is that she is rotting in Hell where she belongs.  Just remember this... no human is God.  No human has the right to decide if another should live or die and least of all not this fucking bitch.

Research these murders & ghouls:  North Kansas City Hospital, NorthCare Hospice, James Stoddard, D.O. and Jody Gyulay, R.N.  Keep your family as far away from Hospice and these murders as you can.  Rest in paradise, Mom.  Had I only known what these fuckers were doing to you.  Had I only known.

There is no statute of limitations on murder.  I'll will ensure all of you are prosecuted for murder, if it's the last thing I ever do.  Count on it.  It's a promise.  And then, what they did to Dad.  There is a very special place in Hell for these evil people.

God Bless Charlie Gard.

July 21, 2017
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Deano & the Best Party Ever!

My bathtub was full of ice, beer, pop, wine and other booze.  My kitchen table was covered in appetizers, sandwiches, munchies, dips and other food.  There were about 60 people in my house.  My street was lined in cars.

It was in the summer of 1980 when people smoked in your house and you didn't think twice about it.  Somebody let their cigarette burn all the way through to the wood on my coffee table.  Someone else sat on my coffee table Indian style with her Dr. Shoal's wooden shoes on and the metal buckle badly scratched the top of my coffee table.  It's like people lose all sense of intelligence at a party.  Who lays a burning cig on a coffee table or sits on your coffee table with their shoes on?

Then there are those who can turn a party into an awesome memorable event.  Enter my cousin, Larry Dean who is always so much fun to be around and the one that turned my party of high school friends, business clients & colleagues...  into a great event.  Clearly, one of my most favorite people in the world.  He had only drank one beer and has never smoked; but he had recently seen the Steve Martin movie, "The Jerk", as all the rest of us had.  It came out in mid December 1979.

He had to get up early the next day and he and his future wife, Gail were heading home, when he turned into Steve Martin.  Funniest thing I had seen in a long time.  As he's leaving, I asked him if he got his Blue Magic from my basement.  He runs downstairs to get it, comes back upstairs and proceeds towards my front door when we all get this...
All I need in life is my Blue Magic.  That's all I need in life.  Everybody busts out laughing exclaiming how funny "The Jerk" was.

As he walks past an empty ashtray, he scoops it up and we hear, "All I need in life is this ashtray and my Blue Magic.  That's all I need in life."  The crowd explodes laughing and my cousin goes into full Steve Martin mode.

He's shuffling his feet, heading out the front door, turns and unplugs one of my lamps and we hear, "All I need in life is this ashtray, this lamp and my Blue Magic.  That's all I need in life."  By this time the crowd is in anticipation of what he's going to pick up next as Gail is patiently trying to get out the front door.

Dean disappears into the bathroom, he reappears with a dripping bottle of rum and says... All I need in life is this ashtray, this lamp, this bottle of rum and my Blue Magic.  That's all I need in life.  Gail scolds, "Larry!  Come on!"  I can't stop laughing.  Dean feeds off my laughter and keeps the comedy coming.

That was before he spied my remote control.  All I need in life is this ashtray, this lamp, this bottle of rum, this remote control and my Blue Magic.  That's all I need in life.

All I need in life is this ashtray, this lamp, this bottle of rum, this remote control, this lighter and my Blue Magic.  That's all I need in life.

All I need in life is this ashtray, this lamp, this bottle of rum, this remote control, this lighter, this chair and my Blue Magic.  That's all I need in life.

When he unplugged my lamp, the cord was dangling down his leg and the cold bottle of rum was dripping on my carpet and on his shirt.  He was still mumbling, clanking my folding chair against the woodwork, shuffling in baby steps like a old person and hysterically laughing as Gail finally pulled him out the front door, onto the front porch and into their car.  Besides all my stuff, at least he got his Blue Magic for his water bed.  He had recently moved and some of his stuff that I had been storing in my basement for him, was still at my house.

That was the best party I ever had thanks to Deano, Steve Martin, the movie, "The Jerk" and a living room full of laughing friends.

He brought my stuff back the next day and we laughed again.  He was quazy fun!

July 9, 2017
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice 
  Neal Patterson, Cerner Corporation
December 10, 1949 - July 9, 2017

Neal to Me: 
Me to Neal:
I'll see you. 
I'd tell you to Rest in Paradise, but I know you won't rest.
You're probably already reorganizing Heaven, setting up spiritual meetings to benefit all of mankind with Day Timers & To Do Lists.
Look at all you & Cliff accomplished.  I'm so proud of you.  My heart is sad today.
So I'll just say, "I'll see you".  Love, Mac 

November 12, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Godspeed, President-Elect Donald Trump

The silent majority has spoken and stands beside you.

September 24, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Stupid is Contagious
~Todd Chrisley


September 16, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Shepard Smith Has An Angry Bee Up His Arrogant Ass

Fair & Balanced?  That's a joke!  Gotta say, I can't stop chuckling as I watch Shepard Smith of Fox News flip out.  He's certainly got an angry bee up his ass talking about how Donald Trump one upped the main stream media this morning.  Too funny!  You can bet your sweet ass that they got played.

Shepard Smith didn't even mention that today is National POW / MIA Recognition Day, all of the U.S. Generals supporting Donald Trump or all of the Veterans in the audience.  He was too busy bitching about Trump and the "birther" controversy and worrying about giving equal time to the racists Black Caucus supporters; to even notice that General Flynn asked attendees of the press conference to give a moment of silence in recognition of the POW / MIA.  Not even on "This Day In History" did good buddy Shep mention these war heros.

Watch the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVR0mxEgQU8

Now, read this article.  Maybe Shepard Smith needs to do his freaking homework before shooting off his big mouth and getting his panties in a wad!  Fair & Balanced MY ASS!
AND this: http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2016/09/16/hillary-clinton-adviser-sid-blumenthal-spread-birther-story-editor/

August 31, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Close Your Eyes, Listen & Just Breathe

August 30, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Hillary Clinton's Hair

Does Hillary Clinton ever wash her hair?  She looks so greasy.  Just say'n.  Don't get me started on her clothes.

August 30, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
The Herringbone Necklace

     Without a doubt, one of the stupidest things I could never have imagined was the destruction of a beautiful 18", 14ct gold 1/2" wide Herringbone necklace.  This once beautiful necklace was twisted, bent, cut into pieces and thrown into the bottom of a box with toys and other stuff on top of it; all in an effort to show me just how hated I am by my little sister.

     This is her second Herringbone necklace.  Her first one was broken in a skirmish between Julie, Mom & I in 1994.  My and Mom's version of the story, is much different than Julie's version, but that's for another day.
Anyway, in an attempt to make amends, I bought Julie this replacement necklace a few months later, for Christmas.  She wore it for several years and seemed to be grateful.

     After Mom died, in the spring of 2007; this necklace was returned to me in this condition with damned near everything else I had ever bought for her, her husband, and my nephews.  Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Easter gifts, Vacation gifts, and dozens of things I gave them throughout the course of life.  However, this was the only thing that had a nasty little history.  She kept all of the super expensive gifts; like a telescope, KitchenAid 6qt mixer, big upright Freezer, a bunch of DeWalt tools, etc.  It was pretty sad, going through the boxes of things.  The thrift store really made a killing on all the new Disney sweatshirts and expensive toys that were returned.

     I guess the laugh was on Julie.  I sold this cut up necklace for scrap for FOUR (4) times what I paid for it.  Gold was high and I just laughed all the way to the bank at how incredibly ignorant my sister was.  She sent me a clear message of her hatred for me (like that's anything new); but what a complete fool she was to return sellable 14ct gold.  Keeping it, even for the money wouldn't have achieved her sad desired result to show me her uncontrolled complete hatred.  She sure showed me.  ROF  LOL

     Hey, here's an idea, Ju Ju... return everything else including all the money!  Really show me!  :)

August 26, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Voter Fraud, Biased Media, Corrupt Politicians

That's what Missouri does best!

August 25, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice

     I was working as a Business & Systems Consultant in the IT Department at Kansas City, Missouri City Hall looking for cost savings, process improvement opportunities and fraud.  I worked primarily with the Assistant IT Director, Gail Roper.

     My phone rang and it was one of my other business acquaintances, Patty Greathouse.  I originally hired her for a client and we became long term friends.  She asked if I wanted to meet for lunch.  I told her that I had already made lunch plans with Gail.  I invited her to join us at Chappell's in North Kansas City, Missouri.  Chappell's was within walking distance of where Patty worked.  She agreed to meet us.  I had spoken a lot about Gail to Patty and vice versa.  All three of us had a nice lunch, good conversation and went back to work afterwards.

     A little later, my phone rang again and it was Patty.  She quizzed me, "Why didn't you tell me Gail was black?"  I said, "Does it matter?"  Patty hesitated and said, "Well... no... I guess not."  I said, "Then what does it matter"?  She said, "Well, all of my other friends would have told me.  I just assumed you would, too."  I couldn't believe it.  I said, "Is this the only reason you called?"  She said, "Yes.  I was just wondering why you wouldn't tell me."  I said, "I wouldn't have even thought about it.  I work with men, women, all races & nationalities, all religions, etc.  We all work together.  I never would have given it a second thought.  I didn't know it mattered to you."  She said,  "Well, like I say, my other friends would have told me."  I felt like I was getting a reprimand.

     For the record, yes; Gail is a educated business professional with an impressive resume who I enjoyed working with and she is a black single parent who has succeeded in business.  Patty is a married white uneducated Italian whose resume when I hired her consisted of seating people at her cousin's BBQ joint.  I'm a white business professional with a great resume, two years of college and at the time was self employed.  What the hell difference does it make?  It's lunch!

     For years, I've been amazed that it was such a big deal that a special phone call was made to question me about my judgment in not telling her ahead of time or pre-warning her that Gail was black.  I mean... for Christ's sake... it was lunch... one hour... sitting with a stranger eating a club sandwich at a local restaurant.  Gail didn't critique Patty before we left or after we came back.  It didn't occur to Gail, any more than it did to me.

     I always wondered if Patty wouldn't have come had she known Gail was black.  Why in the world would she need to know ahead of time?  Why was it so important for a special phone call?  Seriously?

     I grew up going to all white public schools and pretty much in an all white community north of the river in Kansas City, Missouri.  Patty grew up in an Italian neighborhood, by the City Market, south of the river and went to Catholic schools.  I don't know how Gail grew up.  But when you enter the business world or go to college; things change and your life expands.

     I learned a lot from Patty and her family about the Italian community and traditions (good & bad).  I learned a lot from this gay guy I know and his friends, about their traditions and life style.  Over the years, I've had the opportunity to travel and work with all kinds of people.  Nobody thinks much about it.  We all just have a project to complete and we all work cohesively together.  End of story.  When it's lunch time, we all go together to eat.  When somebody is sick, we all pick up the extra work and keep going.  Through the course of the week, we rush to airports to catch flights together, go for dinner or drinks together, sit in boring meetings together, laugh at each other's jokes together, train each other, share in birthday parties & holiday events, etc.

     Patty has always referred to me as a "peckerwood" i.e.; a non-Italian i.e.; "white trash".  I never gave the teasing much thought.  One day I made the mistake of saying that I was white and she was Italian.  She erupted with, "My skin is as white as yours."  I apologized.  I don't remember the context of the entire conversation, but in one instance we are equals based on skin color; but in the next I'm beneath her as "white trash".  Double standards.  She has never apologized.

     The most I've learned in life came after Mom & Dad died and I ended up homeless.  I've been exposed to drug addicts, alcoholics, other homeless including veterans, the hateful side of people, how shallow people are, how ruthless and greedy they are, etc.  Before that, I had the unpleasant opportunities to see corrupt politicians and media up close and personal.  At least I've learned that everything is an opportunity to learn.

August 20, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Tick Tock
     Tick Tock goes the clock.  Within 24 hours, a day is gone.  Within 7 days, a week is gone.  Within a couple of weeks a month is gone.  Seasons come and go.  The clock keeps ticking along.

     Numerous times people have said, "You've got to stop living in the past."  I, like Einstein or any other intelligent person knows, that's an impossible thing to do.  No one can live in the past.  The clock keeps ticking and we all live in the present in mind, body and soul.

     Memories; are a good thing.  They are what makes our lives.  It's good to share memories.

     We all invest our time in different ways.  Ways that are, what's best for each of us.

     Wasting money is foolish.  100% foolish.  Promises unkept, are nothing more than lies.

     A modification of Jerry Falwell, Jr.'s comment this morning, "Never give up, in a world that is hostile to your values."  That can be applied in so many ways.

August 14, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice

August 9, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
The Grapevine

I'm always amazed when people create a grapevine of drama.  Yesterday, I'm trying to watch Donald Trump give a speech, minding my own business; and my life gets disrupted by the grapevine.  It almost became comical.  That kind of grapevine bullshit totally pisses me off.  Ruth wants my mom's high school books.  I haven't talked to Ruth since last year when she created her first grapevine of drama.

Last year, Ruth contacted my Mom's youngest brother, Uncle Red, who contacted his son, who contacted my sister, who was instructed to call my uncle.  Donna called Uncle Red, who said he wanted me to give Mom's high school books to this lady named Ruth.  After I came down from a rolling boil to a mild simmer, I went to the internet, got Ruth's phone number and called her directly.  Point A to Point B without the need for three other people getting involved.

I had already been subject to Mom's youngest sister, Aunt Carol to "Give them books to them girls that does them reunions."  That's a post further down the scroll bar.  I said, "No!"

Yesterday, I got an email from my sister with the subject line, "Here we go again".  Ruth contacted Mom's older sister, Aunt Betty, who didn't want to talk to any of us, so she had my cousin, Debbie contact my sister who contacted me giving me Ruth's phone number.  Phew... that's exhausting.  So again, three people got pulled into a conversation that should have been between Ruth & I.

I know Ruth is old.  I know she is not on the internet.  I know Ruth does not have email.  Clearly from our conversation last year, Ruth didn't keep my phone number when I called her.  After talking to her last year, I had hoped I could try to bring Mom's books to their reunion.  Over a year, things change.  I've moved.  The books are buried in storage and there is no way in 100º weather that I want to drive an hour away, dig 9 big heavy books out of storage or drag them to a reunion of only about 30 people.  My biggest fear was that they would all walk out with a book and my pledge to my mom would be broken.

What I've been doing is to create a website where I'm putting all the pictures.  I've also been working with the Northwestern Missouri Genealogy Society to ensure they all have copies of each of the photos.

It's like... good God, please just drop it.

August 7, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
My First Love:  Paul Robert Miller, II

One day in 2010 on Facebook, Paul posted on my wall that I was the first girl he had ever slept with.  I protested and said, "We never slept together."  He said, "Oh, but you're wrong.  Miss Berry's kindergarten class, by the cloak room on our rubber mats during nap time.  We were five."  I started laughing and said, "Yep!  You're right."  Then we argued about what color my rubber mat was.  Paul said mine was gray.  I said it was red.  His was gray.  Mine was red.  (smiley face)
I'm seated.  The 4th from the left.  Paul is on the floor sitting on the number 14.  We were each other's first love.  This is Lakewood Elementary School, Kansas City, Missouri 64119.  Miss Berry's kindergarten class.  Class of 1971.  School Year:  1957 - 1958

I was only 4 when we started kindergarten.  Paul was 5.  We went all through school together.  As adults we drifted apart.  One day in March of 2010, he found me and we talked for 6 hours glued to our conversation.  We communicated frequently after that.  One day, his little sister, Kim contacted me to tell me Paul had passed.  He knew he was sick and knew he didn't have much time; but he didn't let on.  He just told me how I was his first love and how he loved me all through school, even with us both dating other people.  He shared so many stories and we had deep conversations.  There was a lot he wanted to know and a lot he wanted to share.  He made everything right... everything make sense... after all those years of not being in touch.  He answered all my questions honestly.  He was so filled with love.

I love you, Paul!  I won't forget you... ever!
Rest in Paradise, honey... until one day when I can meet up with you and take a nap on a red rubber mat. We'll giggle, whisper and share stories just like we used to.  You can have my milk.

Love doesn't end with death.
Paul Robert Miller, II Born:  January 24, 1953 Died:  August 7, 2010

August 2, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Who Cares What Obama Thinks?

Breaking News!  Who the flying fuck gives a shit what that idiot in the White House thinks?
America First!
Make America Great Again!

August 1, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Tregaye Fraser?  Are you freaking kidding me?  Gag!

Well, sorry folks, but last night when Giada De Larentiis & Bobby Flay eliminated Damiano; I shut TV off.  I was shocked.  I couldn't stand the thought of either Tregaye or the other dufus, Jernard winning.  After reading all the reviews and outrage by other viewers, I guess I wasn't the only other one who was shocked.  What the Hell has happened to Food Network?  No wonder we no longer see "real" stars.

July 31, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
The Token Muslim

Yes, Mr. Trump.  You do have the right to defend yourself from anyone attacking you.

I listened to Mr. Kahn’s words, but took them as words of grief that should be expressed in private instead of on stage in front of millions.  When people express themselves in front of millions, I questions their motives.  Kahn's demeanor, his tone... were all filled with hatred and lashing out.  If Kahn really wanted to bitch, why did he wait
all these years?

The real tragedy is in ALL the lives lost in these wars.  But as Hillary Clinton said, “What difference does it make?”  It makes a lot of difference to the MANY families who have lost loved ones, not just this 1 token.  More important to understand, is that it makes an even bigger difference to Hillary Clinton to use this Gold Star pawn.  Such a difference that she scours through military records desperate to find a “token” to use in her campaign.  She didn't care about the others who died serving their county.  She needed a Muslim.  Not just any Muslim, either.  She needed a Muslim who died in the Army.  A token!

If she would have needed another race or religion... she would have scoured through the records looking for whatever token she needs to exploit.

Does she care about U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan?  Heavens no!  He wasn’t the only soldier that has died serving his country.  Where is the list of all the rest?  Where are their families?  Why aren’t they on stage?  The meanness is not in Donald Trump defending himself.  The meanness is in Hillary Clinton and her political team making Mr. & Mrs. Khan into “the classic token”… the “Muslim Token”; and
using them for Hillary’s own purposes.  So classic establishment!

For years the establishment has made tokens out of members of other races and religions.  It’s a sad thing to watch someone with a broken heart being used by a lying politician especially one in the ugliest pantsuits anyone has ever seen.  It’s Hillary Rotten to the Bone Clinton and how she treats the people of the world.

Peace to All.

July 30, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
FoodNetwork Shows - Keep or Nix?

  Chef or Host Show Name Our Opinion

1. Alton Brown Cutthroat Kitchen
Any of the Cutthroat Kitchen shows have to be the most ignorant shows on TV.  How could such a brilliant chef with such amazing knowledge of cooking and foods from a scientific perspective, like Alton Brown, turn into such a ridiculous, disrespected buffoon?  Anytime he comes on, I turn TV off.

2. Patricia Heaton Patricia Heaton's Parties Pleeeease, go find Raymond.  You are a has been.  We loved you on Raymond, but could care less about your parties.

3. Valeria Bertinelli Valerie's Home Cooking Follow Patricia Heaton out the door.  You aren't a chef and are boring.  We loved you years ago, but this isn't your nitch.

4. Who Are These Unknown Judges & the Host? Cupcake Wars
Cake Wars
All the contestants look like something out of a children's comic book series.  Who decides on their outlandish clothes, over done makeup and stupid behavior?  The hosts are even worse.

5. Ree Drummond Pioneer Woman This woman and her family are delightful.  Her food, blogging, pictures, recipes and the  incorporation of her life on a working farm are superior to none.  Her show is wonderful!  Very real!  Love her!

6. Geoffrey Zakarian Cooks vs. Cons Love Geoffrey, but the show is barely tolerable. If the show got cancelled, you would be doing us all a favor.

7. Ina Garten Barefoot Contessa Love her!  She is timeless and so classy.  Brilliant Chef.  Warm & inviting.

8. Giada De Laurentiis Any Show Love her!  Whatever show she's on, she is like the Contessa... timeless and classy.  Excellent Chef!  I love Giada in Italy.

9. Bobby Flay Any Show Love him!  Whatever show he is on, he is classy and so much fun.  A true Iron Chef.

10. Guy Fieri Guy's Grocery Games Nix it.  It's stupid and has no stars on it.

11. Guy Fieri Diner's, Drive-Ins & Dives A little of Guy eating like a glutton, goes a long, loooong way.  Guy thinks a lot of himself and is a tad bit obnoxious.  He occupies way too many time slots on TV.  That means you have nothing else to throw at your viewers.

12. Ted Allen Chopped Seriously, how many people eat octopus or some of that other crap in the secret ingredients basket?  Like... nobody?  The judges are so arrogant.  Their responses are the same, show after show.

13. Trisha Yearwood Trisha's Southern Kitchen She's like Ree... adorable!  She's so real.  Ever once in a while you get to see Garth.  Her family and singing is incorporated into her show.  Her cooking is down to earth and normal.  Love her!

14. Geoffrey Zakarian
Jeff Mauro
Katie Lee
Sunny Anderson
Marcela Valladolid
The Kitchen Other than Iron Chef, Geoffrey Zakarin, I can't stand to listen to or watch any of the rest of them.  They aren't even the "B" Team.  More like, you let them win a contest & now what the hell do you do with them?  This show is ignorant.  They act unprofessional and their recipes are nothing to write home about.  Spending time on Pinterest is better.  Please just give these Food Network star winners (rolling eyes) some money instead of a TV show; and send them out the door.

15. Anne Burrell Worst Cooks in America,
Secrets of a Restaurant Chef
OMG!  Get rid of her and her hair!  I remember when she was competing.  I didn't like her then and don't like her now.   She was rude & horrible on Worst Cooks in America.

16. Nancy Fuller Farmhouse Rules She is not a replacement for our beloved Paula Deen and her butter.  I turn Nancy off whenever I happen across her show.  Boring...  zzzzzzz

** Overall Dear Food Network: Too many tattoos.
Too many piercings, nose & thug ear rings.
Too many Mohawks and blue hair.

July 28, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
When Opportunities Arise x2

To Patricia Ann Musso-Greathouse...

Let me remind you of another instance of the lack of "success" of your less than perfect life and you doing a physical count of those that love  you.  You are still whining after all these years of how much your sister and mother hurt your feelings when they moved out of your precious, perfect house (or so you think it is).  Your mom put MARY first.  Your mom chose MARY over you and they all moved out and lived happily together.  Think about it!

You stated that my situation was all my own fault.  Take your comment and apply it to yourself.  Your Mom & Mary moved out because of YOU.  Learn from it.  Shit happens to everybody.  You don't fucking walk on water.

July 28, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
When Opportunities Arise x1

To Patricia Ann Musso-Greathouse...

When you said something completely evil and unexpected, I was shocked.  I have to say, I'm amazed at how  great opportunities pop into my head to return the favor and show you that you're not as perfect as you think yourself to be.

Mary Margaret De Shon & my dad,
Donald Dale De Shon
June 7, 1975

Donna Carol De Shon-Rogers
and her loving parents,
Mary Margaret Heerlein-De Shon
& Donald Dale De Shon
October 30, 1976

Julie Ann De Shon-Bringus
Christopher Lee Bringus
May 11, 1996

My Dad honored each of his three daughters by walking each of us down the aisle the day of our weddings.  Plus, he honored us with the first dance at our wedding receptions and he teared up when he gave each of us away.  I'll be the first to say that Dad didn't like to dance, but he made an exception for each of us girls.  He put us FIRST.  He paid all expenses for our weddings and enjoyed watching us open the many gifts and cards we received.

Your dad, Patty Greathouse REFUSED to walk you down the aisle or to even show up for your wedding.  He didn't love you enough to put you first.  He put himself first.  Not you!  You spoke many times about how much your dad's refusal to attend your wedding, hurt you.

Lesson:  When you go counting those that love you as your determination of the overall value & success of your life; you need to count everyone over a lifetime, not at any one moment in time in your feeble attempt to try to make yourself look better than me.  You sunk to a new low to ask me how many people love me and stated that my count was "pathetic", thinking I have never had anyone who loved me.  So, I remind you... where was your precious dad the day of your wedding?  He didn't love you enough.

July 17, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
1/2 Full or 1/2 Empty

I look at everything with infinite hope and possibility.
Even when things look hopeless and there is no possible way... keep faith and try.

June 30, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
When It's Finder's Keeper's, Loser's Weepers and When It's Not!
How hard would you fight for what is yours?

I was thinking about a couple of incidents that happened to my older sister several years ago.  I don't remember all the specifics, but they went something like this...
Incident #1:
Donna was shopping at Walmart.  She had to go to the bathroom.  When she finished and was standing up to flush and leave, money fell out of her pocket.  The cash landed right between Donna's stall and the stall next to hers.  As she reached for it on the floor, a hand from the bathroom stall next to Donna's grabbed the cash.  Donna protested and said, "Hey!  That's my money!"

The woman who grabbed Donna's cash said it was just money lost on the floor and was determined to keep it.  They bickered back and forth.  I don't remember the amount or how far the incident escalated.  I'll have to ask, Donna; but I was thinking it was something like $10 bucks or so.  The woman DID, finally give Donna back her money.

Question:  Did the woman who grabbed Donna's money think it just fell from Heaven in a Walmart bathroom stall and was hers to keep?  Finder's Keeper's?  She knew it wasn't hers.  She was just being a opportunistic thief.  I mean... what kind of a person pulls that nonsense?  Nobody I'd ever respect or want near me.

Incident #2:
Donna & my brother-in-law, Alan live on a busy through street without curbs.  They had problems with people driving up onto the edge of their lawn and after a heavy rain, creating muddy ruts.  They went to the hardware store and bought a couple of cement blocks to stop the destruction of their lawn.  Alan put the cement blocks in the muddy ruts and the two of them went back into their house, kicking their muddy shoes off to relax.

Within seconds, they hear a thud, thud and some guy has stopped, opened the trunk of his car and grabbed and thrown both brand new cement blocks into his trunk, closed the lid and drives off.  Alan goes running out of the house in his socking feet, chasing the guy down the street, yelling at him to stop!
They have a large front yard, so Alan did some serious running to catch up with the guy.  Donna grabs the keys to their car, jumps in and drives out to pick up Alan who is half way down the street on foot... barefoot at that.

People noticing the commotion of Alan being on foot running down Shady Lane and this guy frantically trying to escape with the stolen cement blocks; call 911 in Oak View, Gladstone, Kansas City...

This coward thief, keeps driving, but calls 911.  The 911 operator tells him to go to the nearest Police Station.  He heads for North Kansas City with Donna and Alan directly behind him in pursuit.  In the parking lot at the North Kansas City, Missouri Police Department, an officer comes out already aware of the numerous 911 calls.  The driver says that Alan has been chasing him and screaming at him all the way from Gladstone.  The policeman listens; then Alan and Donna give their side of the story.  They say they had just bought the cement blocks to keep people from driving in their yard and had JUST put the blocks out into the muddy ruts of their yard when this guy pulls up and steals them seconds after they put them out.  The policeman asked if they had any proof.  Donna pulls the receipt out of her pocket and says, "I still have the receipt in my pocket!  We JUST did this!  Alan doesn't have shoes on because they're covered in mud."  The receipt is date and time stamped.

The guy swears he has no cement blocks in his trunk and didn't know what Alan & Donna were talking about or why they were chasing him.  Alan asks the policeman to look in his guy's trunk noticing there is fresh, wet mud on the trunk of his car.  The man refuses and won't open his trunk.  Alan asks the guy, "Why do you have mud on your shirt?"  The policeman asks, "Why DO you have mud on your shirt?"  The guy is stammering with no explanation.  After some legal convincing, the policeman persuades the guy to open his trunk and sure enough, what do you know... there are the two muddy cement blocks he stole from Donna & Alan's yard.  Bummer, caught in a big fat lie.

The guy claims they were just thrown at the edge of the street and didn't belong to anybody.  The policeman tells him that obviously, they DID belong to Alan & Donna.  The policeman makes the guy return the cement blocks to Alan & Donna and they leave.

The cement blocks were $1.00 each, plus tax; so we are talking about $2.15 in total.  It's just the point of the whole thing.

Question:  Couldn't this man afford $2.15 to buy his own cement blocks from the hardware store, instead of being an opportunistic thief?  Grab & Run like a coward & then lie about it?

There are several moral lessons / questions to these two stories:
  • What you do & say, defines who you are.
  • Are you an opportunistic thief?
  • Are you a liar?
  • Would you fight for what is yours?
  • Do you not know the difference between right and wrong?
  • Do you expect others to allow you steal what is theirs?
  • If it's good for the goose.  Is it not good for the gander?

Think about it.

June 19, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Happy Father's Day!
Oh gosh, Pooter.  I sure do miss you.  62 years ago, you held me in your arms.  You died when I was 55.  I will never ever regret taking care of you after your stroke.  I'm so proud to say I'm a truck driver's daughter.  To quote you, "De Shon Tough".  It was just all of the little things that made you, YOU.  I will always keep the little slat of wood that reads, "Never Give Up!"  Such inspiration from someone I love so much.  In life & death... through eternity.

Happy Father's Day in Heaven.
Love always, your Meemo!

June 18, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice

I just did a Google Search for "number of books on angels".  In 52 seconds, Google returned 30,300,000 results.  I put in "number of people who believe in angels".  In 57 seconds, Google returned 20,500,000 results and highlighted this blurb from the Associated Press:

When I told you I saw your deceased mom recently, your snark was, "Don't talk about my mother because she would NEVER come to you she really didn't know you and would never visit you.  Stick to your Angel story.  How did that work out for you?"

Sarcasm Deluxe!

Perhaps you have forgotten YOUR many stories of the little blonde haired girl with mid century clothes on who calls your name from your living room, scared the shit out of you when she showed up at the side of your bed and your arms & legs were flailing to get away, and she hovers in your house moving your curtains while you iron.  She doesn't know you, nor do you know her.  That kind of fucks up your theory!

Perhaps you have forgotten your many stories, even retelling the one about how your deceased uncle visits the people who currently live in his old home.  Doesn't seem like any of you big tough Italians have the balls to go other there to check it out.  You told that story just a week or so ago.  Your uncle didn't know those people, yet you all believe as does the current home owner that he's clearly dead, but very much alive & well, inside that house.  You even said the homeowners modify how they enter the house because of his presence.  Again, they said they don't know him.  Second dispute, in your own words, to your theory!

So perhaps you aren't as smart as your mouth claims you to be.  Your mother DID visit me and she has other times in the past.

You stated with your usual sarcasm Stick to your Angel story.  How did that work out for you?”

Well, let me tell you how that worked out for me.  I feel blessed that I've had an opportunity for an angel to hold my life in her hands when I broke my neck and ankle.  A) It reconnected me with my sister.  B)  It got me out of the church.  C)  I had the most beautiful being I have ever seen, hold my life in her hands.  D)  I observed a lapse in time.  E)  I saw the goodness of others who came to my aid.  And here I am, still alive and well today! 

I have no idea where my life's path will take me or what's waiting along the way.  From your snark, you seem to think you know the future.  LOL

Although I'm totally pissed at God right now about all the killings and deaths of small children, I feel totally blessed to have ever seen God who spoke my name.  I feel blessed that I can see & hear people who are deceased.  Other than your mother, every experience is good and pleasant.

So I'd say it worked out pretty well for me!  Thanks for asking.
A new Associated Press-GfK poll shows that 77 percent of adults believe these ethereal beings are real. Belief is primarily tied to religion, with 88 percent of Christians, 95 percent of evangelical Christians and 94 percent of those who attend weekly religious services of any sort saying they believe in angels.
Dec 23, 2011

June 18, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
The Albatross

Right now, I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders and I've been released from the heavy stone around my neck weighing me down.  Like trying to run with one shoe nailed to the floor.  I'm sure one of my x-friends feels the same way since we recently parted ways after 34 years.  Will I always love her?  Absolutely.  It's just time.

It's like in the Bible; which I'm not a huge believer in, but I do like this verse:
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 King James Version (KJV)
1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
2 A time to be born, and a time to die;
a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
3 A time to kill, and a time to heal;
a time to break down, and a time to build up;
4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
6 A time to get, and a time to lose;
a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
7 A time to rend, and a time to sew;
a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
8 A time to love, and a time to hate;
a time of war, and a time of peace. 

It's just time...

The word albatross is sometimes used metaphorically to mean a psychological burden.  I feel the same way about my little sister and my relatives.  Patty's definition of a "good life" being measured by the number of people who love you, is just her being a bitch.  No different from my little sister and how they think they are cutting you to the bone by erupting with their true feelings for me.  Finally... honesty.  I no longer have to listen to her rhetoric and she happily, no longer has to listen to mine.  Believe me.  Most of the time, even I get tired of the same old words coming out of both of our mouths. 

Will I defend myself against hatefulness and throw mud right back?  You bet your sweet ass I will.  Will I hold others accountable after years of letting them slide with deplorable behavior?  Absolutely.  Every person on this earth, gets to a point where they've taken enough.  Look at what is happening around the earth.  Breaking point.

It's very freeing for everybody; actually, to stop and to take a permanent break.

June 17, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Information is a weapon.  Never trust anybody.

Patty Greathouse
of Northland Hospitalists, LLC states:
“You can tell if you have a good life by counting the people who love you.  What is your count?  Pathetic.”

“So sad, your family is so crazy, and that is all you have left.”

Stick to your Angel story.  How did that work out for you?”

“It is your fault that you are living in the place you live, and don't have any control over your life because you have to depend on your sister to tell you how you can spend her money.”

My response:  Count your blessings and smile.  The assumptions and innuendos you make don't equate to truth or intelligence.  If I were you, I'd be ashamed that I was considered by a court of law as an co-conspirator to a major felony.  And you talk about ethics.  I wonder what Angela's life would have been like had you and Don, both gone to jail along with Kenny.  Count your blessing.

You said and I quote, “You can tell if you have a good life by counting the people who love you.  What is your count?  Pathetic.”   I'm embarrassed that anyone I ever considered my best friend, an obviously a false Catholic Christian; could ever make this statement to another living being.  That's not just a mean girl comment, or our age.   That's someone with a sick dark dead soul.  Sinful and despicable.  Terminating our friendship for threatening to have my sister harmed, was the right thing for me to do.  Why don't you brag about that sentence to all your loved ones, especially your grandchildren and see how proud they are of you for making it... pathetic!

About my angel.  How did it work out for me?  It worked out great for me.  All things happen for a reason.  She rejoined me with my family and I got rid of you.

Fuck you!  Her money?  Again, I state for a fact... MY money.  At least she is making restitution for a wrong.

Oh, and about your gap toothed, hateful, darkest soul I've ever seen, mother who would "never come to me..."  You're such a hypocrite to say she didn't.  Well she did and if you would have been respectful to her instead of a smart mouth know-it-all; you could have spent a few quality weeks with your sweet sister before she passed.  Your mother was frantic to tell you Mary was going to die, but you... know it all.  To quote you, "How'd that work out for you?"
KANSAS CITY (AP)--A man serving a 20-year sentence in the Missouri State Prison has pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to charges of conspiring to rob banks and transport stolen money in interstate commerce.  Kenneth P. Greathouse, 26, of Kansas City entered the guilty plea Thursday, but Judge William R. Collinson delayed sentencing.   Greathouse's brother, Donald, 23, also appeared in court Thursday and pleaded guilty to harboring and concealing a federal escapee, and his sentence was also delayed.   Kenneth Greathouse said at his arraignment Thursday that he mailed $35,000 from Nashville, TN., to Kansas City April 26, 1973. The money was allegedly part of the $93,000 haul taken in the holdup of the Ohio State Bank.   Federal authorities said Kenneth Greathouse and Earl E. Austin, 33, were believed to be involved in several bank robberies following Austin's escape from the Jackson County Jail in Kansas City Jan. 26, 1973.   Donald Greathouse pleaded guilty to concealing Austin after his escape from the county jail, where he was awaiting transfer to a federal prison on a bank robbery conviction. Kenneth Greathouse is serving time in the state prison for the armed robbery of a Kansas City grocery store. He was mistakenly released from the Jackson County Jail in February 1973 by a jailer who misread a court order. Greathouse was arrested May 3, 1973, by FBI agents in Mobile, Ala., and Austin was arrested seven days later in Las Vegas.
September 14, 1974
The Daily Capital News from Jefferson City, Missouri
Page 2

Then there is Sammy the Hogg Scola and your grandfather getting shot in the back in the River Market.

And you talk bad about me and MY family?  Please...  I'll take crazy over criminal, any day.

June 16, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Happy Birthday, Pooh Pooh
  Funny.  So many people who have passed through my life and who I haven't seen in years; yet, I still remember their birthdates like clockwork.  Mom & Dad used to call her Linnie Pooh... shortened to Pooh Pooh.  My cousin, Deke & I called her Pooh Pooh, too.  Sometimes even Uncle Larney called her Pooh Pooh.  I don't think anybody else did.  I can't even remember where that nickname came from; and no, Winnie the Pooh wasn't even thought of in those days.

Dad used to say that us kids were smaller than a pooh pooh head.  He'd smile and laugh as he played games with us, took us for rides on the riding lawn mower, played baseball with us or made us pick up rotten apples from our apple trees so he could mow.

Uncle Bud, Aunt Bobbie, Linda, Lori & Dean lived at 5105 North Lister.  Mom, Dad, Donna & I lived at 5104 North Chelsea.  Our backyards were right up against each other.  Dad put a gate into our fence and going back and forth to play with cousins, visit, borrow a cup of sugar or a head band, etc. was a breeze.

Linda & I used to hate it when Aunt Bobbie would make us let Lori play with us.  She was younger and a pain in the ass.

I remember one day when everybody was at Aunt Bobbie & Uncle Bud's.  Linda & I went over to my house.  Going in our front door, you kind of had to nudge the wood frame with your knee to release the door.  Linda missed the wood frame and put her knee through a glass pane.  Bleeding something fierce and crying, I carried her all the way back over to her house.

Another time, we both were in trouble for something or other.  We were both forbidden to leave the yard.  Linda was on her side of the back fence.  I was on mine.  I said I was going to run away.  She said she'd come with me, but she couldn't leave the yard.  As an adult, I always thought that was so funny.  Mom told me to pack my bags.  So like a Hobo, I did.  Dad was watching from the front window to see if I'd actually leave the yard and defy Mom.  I got to the end of our front sidewalk and came running back into the house crying.  Mom never said another word about it.  She just told me to go get my hands washed for dinner.

Linnie coined the phrase, "You stepped on my feelers."  Funny for somebody hurting her feelings, but not bad enough to really have her feelers hurt.

June 14, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
Once Voice
The Zoo...  LGBTIQ  (lmnop, qrs, tuv, wxyz)

Seriously?  How many more letters are we going to add?

First it was Gay.
Then, L&G... Ladies first, of course.
Then B was added and the ampersand was eliminated.
Next it was LGBT.  Can't leave out those transvestites or transgenders.
Then they added the Q; which used to be "queer".
This morning after the horrible massacre in Florida, the letter "I" has been inserted.

I read this on the internet, "Understanding how certain terms are used is essential to understanding how lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and questioning (LGBTIQ) individuals define and see themselves in the world."  Personally, I don't give a shit how they see themselves in the world.

Being a straight, female; why isn't there an "S" in there for Straight people so the LGBTIQBZFF community can know how we feel?  What other labels are necessary to classify people?  See below...

I've known and worked with many gays and lesbians. They are just people.  I personally don't give a shit about how or who they chose to have sex with.  Please stop making a spectacle of yourselves.  You act like idiots on steroids.  If you don't want to be treated, don't act idiotic.

Why do these people demand to be so fair haired and special they need "Gay Pride" celebrations around the world?  Do you see straight people having a "Straight Pride" celebration.  Do you get it?  YOU are either after a pitty party or making yourselves out to be victims.  The days of being in the closet are long over.

Questioning?  I always thought the "Q" stood for queer.  Now, they've added the "I" abnormal condition of being intermediate between male and female; hermaphroditism; which is an intersex individual; a hermaphrodite.   The "I" is the only condition which is understandable.  It's a birth defect.  Period.  It's a medical condition.  Period.  Don't you see, that all of the letters, are part of a gene irregularity and a mental and/or physical medical condition?  It isn't a choice.

It has pissed me off since the L&G community hijacked the rainbow.  A child can't even draw a rainbow anymore without people questioning the child's sexual orientation.  I love the colors of the rainbow. The first time I used it as an adult, somebody asked me if I was a lesbo.  I was like, "No!"  And do NOT kiss me on the lips if you are.  It grosses me out!

My Aunt Helen used to kiss everybody on the lips.  She had whiskers.  She kissed wet and slobbery and would grab your face so you couldn't get away.  It was disgusting.  Us kids used to make fun behind her back.  Nothing is more gross than to be kissed on the lips by a super old person or a lesbian, when you're straight.  Ick!

The list forgets Bestiality or Zoophilia (those that have sex with animals).  I read yesterday, somewhere it was declared that bestiality or zoophilia was NOT illegal.  Not illegal?  Seems to me that the animal sure as hell couldn't be a consenting participant.  Why wouldn't that be animal cruelty?  Those people must be really hard up to have sex with an animal.

Or what about the people who get off dressing like animals when it isn't Halloween?  The Furry Fandom fruitcakes.  A woman I knew in high school told me her nephew dates a guy who dresses like a squirrel.  I asked if he dressed like that at work and she said, no.  She said he dressed like a squirrel everywhere else.  I asked if that was permitted in her home for family events.  She said, yes.  I told her, it wouldn't be permitted in my house.  I figure if someone can dress appropriately at work, they can dress appropriately in my home, as well.  I think we've taken political correctness too far and it's crossed into the path of enabling ridiculous behavior.

You don't see Goth people or witches out there demanding their own celebration.

When you see Jenner.  What a jackass, that "It" has become.  I still contend, if we give the "Jenner It" enough chimp injections, maybe "It" will turn into a chimp.  What a cool research project.

June 14, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice

Several different definitions & meanings from different sources; all far from the original meaning.  Considered a derogatory term insinuating your superiority?  It's a racist slur.  No matter how it evolved; in summary, you called me white trash.

I guess I should have looked it up before now.
RE: The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English: J-Z  page 1457

June 13, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
You Can Hit The Ignore Button Forever...
     I'll Keep Asking Until There Is Resolution!

To ignore someone who has asked you a question is RUDE!
     rude:  discourteous or impolite, especially in a deliberate way
     ignore:  refuse to take notice of or acknowledge; disregard intentionally

Your think that if you just ignore a problem, it will go away.
As you said about yourself... you're in denial.

June 11, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice

Updated June 13, 2016

Updated June 14, 2016
Innocent Until Proven Guilty (that's a thing of the past)

Anymore, it's "Guilty".  Period.

Whether it's by a Social Media Mob & Jury of Know-It-All Strangers, your own family, friends or business colleagues.  You're fucking guilty.  People become a rabid pack declaring you guilty and their only desire is to rip you to shreds.  It's an immediate death sentence with relentless pursuit to destroy their prey, name-calling and real threats of physical violence...  and it doesn't stop.  They declare themselves to be right and superior... and that's the end of it.

I looked at myself.  It's like "Well, aren't you the pot calling the kettle black".  I do the same thing to others who have wronged me in an attempt to stand up to their bullying and bad behavior.  For me, I'm done with taking the high road.  I'll expose your bad behavior.

To Those Who Have Taken It A Step Too Far:

Don't accuse me!  EVER!
Don't threaten me or my family with physical harm.  EVER!

You're such a bad ass and brag about knowing people who kill your enemies.  Seriously?  You stooped that low, to make that threat to me (repeatedly)?  You stooped THAT low?  You'd better fucking start with me.  Doesn't look like you're heeding the words of your dad.  I don't give a shit how "mad" you were and still are.

You do anything that hurts my family and I'll see to it, you fucking rot in jail!  Learn this one lesson!  Nothing is worth it.  Walk away & shut your God Damned mouth. My dad, as an x-police officer used to say, "He isn't worth the price of a bullet."  You know people who would kill somebody?  Well, whooptie-doo!  I know police officers and elected officials and billionaires.  So what?  Big deal.  Don't you make threats to me.

And to Little Miss Nicole... whoever the hell you are... Hackers?  Seriously?  Hackers that say, "Call Me" with your phone number?  LOL  In 35 years of being an IT audit consultant, that's a new one on me.  Hackers don't do that, you ignorant fool.  What a set up to get Lori to call you.  What a set up!  Whatever game you are playing; think about that there are small children involved who could get hurt.  Walk away.  Get off social media.  Change your phone number.  Whatever.  Just walk away!

Anything you do to me or my family reflects upon who you are and this time, you'll end up in jail.
Bring your Enforcer on!  How fucking dare you threaten me like that.

You see me or my family in public, walk on by!  I'm tired of your threats!

I stand alone with only one angel watching over me and she's gooood!  I'm non-violent.  I walk away from conflict.  I've had enough.  If I ever hear or receive a threat again, I'm going straight to the police.  I hope we're clear on that.

June 11, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Th-th-th-tha-tha-tha-that's all, folks!

My sister tried to shame me last night after reading my April 19, 2016 post below about my cousin, Eddie.  She said he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  Like I care about someone who swindled Mom & I out of thousands of dollars and laughed in our faces?  Let's all scream it from the rooftops.  Sing it Porky!

Maybe you should have stopped that inked, nasty ass, daughter of yours and your pal from attacking me on social media.  That didn't seem to bother you.

To you I sing, "Smoke, smoke those cigarettes.  Puff, puff, puff them till you puff yourself to death.  Tell Saint Peter at the Golden Gate that you hate to make him wait, but you just gotta have another... cigarette."  You don't have to worry about Saint Peter.  He'll tell you to push the down button.  But don't worry.  Aunt Carol will be there.

How dare you screw my mom & I over; then have the audacity to ask me for $20,000 when you were in trouble over your inept handling of the Great Wolf Lodge.  Yeah right!  Like I'd give you a freaking cent.

Enjoy Hell Eddie!

Hi, I'm Ed! I cheat senior citizens
on a fixed income out of every buck
I can screw them out of!
Even my relatives!

June 10, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

June 10, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice

The original article has been deleted and replaced with this.
June 13, 2016

Updated June 14, 2016
Forever I Hold You In My Heart & Thank You

Thank you for everything you did for me when I found myself abandoned by my sisters.  Thank you for feeding me, sheltering me and providing me comfort when I needed someone to care.  Thank you for listening and understanding through 34+ years of friendship.

34+ years.  Gosh, that's such a long time.  Almost half of our lives, we've known each other and shared in a lot.  Now, it's gone.

I was all alone when Mom died and you were there.
I was all alone when Dad died and you were there, even though you were sick... you were there.
I was all alone when I broke my neck and ankle; and you came when I was in surgery.
I remember you coming the day of my back surgery.

In March I saw a different side of you.  It escalated to Thursday night.  I knew it was coming, but always prayed it wouldn't.

Here's too all the good times.

You aren't the only one who can get mad.  We are now at war!  Stay away from me!

June 8, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
$14,000 In Cash Vanishes

Back in 2008, I had worked a couple of short term remote engagements for Manpower corporate while I was taking care of Dad after a massive stroke that left him bedridden.

It was routine for me to cash my checks.  I admit it.  I liked having stacks of $100 dollar bills at home to access whenever I needed to.  I had two US Bank envelopes with $7,000 in cash in $100 dollar bills in each envelope in my bedroom.  I got the opportunity of a lifetime to go to Paris, France on a short term audit engagement.  When I came home my $14,000 was gone.

The only people in the house included:
     *  My bedridden dad,
     *  Hospice employees who never went into my bedroom and wouldn't be in
         the house without one of my sisters,
     *  My two sisters, their husbands and my nephews.

Dad couldn't get up and my nephews would NEVER steal from me.  They were too young.  My money, while hidden; should have been safe.  So where was it?

Before I left for Paris, I moved the envelopes from place to place thinking one spot might be more secure than another since I was going to be gone for two weeks.  No, I'm not crazy or stupid.  I'm an auditor totally exhausted from caring for a Hospice patient.

I was feuding with my sisters and should have known better, but like the fool that I appear to have been; I trusted and left for Paris.  When I came back and the money was missing; I started adding up all my debits, credits and expenses to see if somehow I spent it or used it to pay bills.  Nope!  Everything was accounted for and the $14,000 was gone.  I accounted for damn near every penny.

I ripped the house apart looking in every nook and cranny for those two envelopes of money.  They were no where to be found.

My older sister smugly blew me off and said I had shoved the envelopes somewhere and like other things that mysteriously disappeared from my and Dad's home; it would show up or that I spent it, etc.  $14,000 is a hell of a lot of money to spend with no trace or documentation or a receipt, bank withdrawal, product purchase, etc.

A few months later, after I moved out of the house to escape excessive violence; I had the time and opportunity to go through every box and container I owned.  I would literally empty out everything and look for my $14,000.  I looked inside of video tapes, casserole dishes, my VCR, keepsake boxes, etc.  When I found nothing, I adhered a little sticker upon which I wrote (No Money).

I don't know about anybody else, but $14,000 was a lot of money to me.  For it to disappear, it was pretty easy for me to pinpoint who took it via process of elimination.  My younger sister and her husband weren't working and she had been spending about $8,000 of my money a month prior to me cutting them off.  So I continue to wonder where they got the money to live without my $14,000.  With denials, my question is still unanswered, "So how did you make your house payments, insurance, utilities, etc.?"  Just prove it to me and I'll look at a different suspect.

You can't prove that somebody stole cash out of your own home.  I just know there is a special place in Hell for she that took my $14,000.  The only positive thing is, I hope it made life better for my nephews.

Nothing pisses me off more than a filthy thief.  666
My mom & dad sure didn't raise any of us to be thieves and liars; but something went wrong somewhere.

June 7, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Note to the File
What Goes Around Comes Around

You got your revenge upon me.
Hell hath no fury like what will be unleashed upon you.

June 6, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Dear NorthCare Hospice

There is no statute of limitation on murder.

June 5, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Keep Your Word Or End Up In Bucket Zero

You should always keep your word.  Period!  In business, it's vital.  For solid relationships, it maintains a standard that can be relied upon & trusted.  It's mega important to children, dying adults and people in need.  Kids rely on you to keep your word.  That's how they learn "trust".  They look forward to you following through.  When you don't, it's a big hurt and a big let down.  If you believe kids won't remember... they do.

I guess as adults, we get used to other adults not keeping their word.  Your mind files those people into Bucket Zero, the black hole where trust is broken and can never be repaired, as doubt always looms.  Labels are attached such as "liar".  With multiple broken promises, an adjective is added such as "habitual" or "chronic".  Adults get disgusted with liars.

I remember my brother-in-law's mother promising my nephew that she'd take him to see the movie, "Brother Bear" that was released on his birthday, November 1st.  Bitch, never followed through on her promise.

One day, a couple of weeks after his birthday, my nephew asked his dad, "Dad, why doesn't Grandma Debbie keep her promise?  She promised she'd take me to see "Brother Bear" for my birthday and she still hasn't come to get me to go see it.  Everybody else has seen it except me."  His dad just shook his head, disgusted in his mother and replied, "I don't know why, Mason.  She used to do the same thing to me all the time when I was little.  I hate it that she does that to you, too."

When we heard those words, Mom, Dad & I wanted to rip the bitch a new asshole.  How dare her hurt my nephew and brother-in-law like that.

We all offered to take him to see "Brother Bear", but he wanted to wait for her.  After all, it was his only birthday present from her.  I bet she made time to get a beer and smoke a few dozen cigs, though.

Now it's 2016.  Thirteen years have passed and he's long since stopped waiting.  I have no idea why this popped in my mind after all this time.  For sure, she has her place in Bucket Zero as an habitual liar.  I sarcastically call her "Grandmother of the Year" whenever her name is mentioned.

In contrast, his favorite Grandma & Grandpa never missed a birthday, party, game or event.  Gifts & cards were always purchased way ahead of time, wrapped and placed on the piano bench for the big day.  We'd get a list of some things the kids would like for their birthday and split up the list to ensure they got gifts they really wanted.  Everybody got to have their favorite birthday dinner; whether it was at a restaurant or one Grandma made.  Even if the kids wanted a steak, we'd go to the Hereford House.  If they wanted Mexican, we'd go to El Sombrero.  We'd go to their favorite places and get everything they wanted including appetizers & deserts.  If Grandma cooked, it was always chickie pieces & French fries.  Yum!

With Mom, Dad & I... every promise was kept.

June 4, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice - Screaming Mad
My Piggy Banks

I'd sure like to know how one of my old neighbors came to have possession of my things; which he is prominently displaying on his front porch.  He lives across the street from my parent's house before it was sold to some white trash by my sister for thousands below it's market value.
House of Pigs

Am I mad?  You fucking bet your sweet ass I am.  Although I've been past Mom & Dad's many times over the past seven years, the pigs were never there.  I got the delight of seeing these Christmas Day 2015.  Just another knife in my heart 7 years after Dad died.  SEVEN YEARS!  When in the FUCK will it ever end?

How completely ignorant.  These piggy banks are hollow cast plaster and are not painted or designed for outside use.  They are piggy banks that should be inside and not exposed to the elements.  Eventually, they will dissolve.  Even painted pigs will dissolve after prolonged exposure to the weather.

You can see the black mold on the center picture and where portions of the feet were broken off.  I still have the remaining parts of the feet for repair.  Guess there's no need to keep those any more.  There is a slit in the back of the pig to drop coins in and the piggy banks had a metal cap in the bottom to get the coins out.

Stupid jack off displays two of MY piggy banks on his front porch.
Question is, "Where the FUCK did he get them?"

     1)  Did he steal them?
              I've never known him to be a thief.

     2)  Did my sisters give them to him without my permission?

     3)  Did my sisters set them out at the curb for the trash man like the chair & he salvaged them?

     4)  Did he buy them in Julie's mysterious garage sale?

     5)  Were they donated to the thrift store and he bought them?

Well... I hope somebody enlightens me.  The actions of others, that here, over seven years later are still causing me heartache and anguish.  NOBODY had any right giving MY things away, selling them in a garage sale, throwing them out or donating them to charity.

And... where are the rest of them?

When I first ordered these piggy banks, there were 300 of them.  I had a little craft business back then and sold them painted for $45 - $60 each.  When I find the pictures of the finished pigs, I'll update this post.  They were really cute and sold well.

It is never too late to rectify wrongs, if you really want peace.
Out of respect for Mom & Dad, God damn you!
Make things right!
May God Damn All Four Of You!
Mom would be so ashamed!

May 30, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Leon Dreiling - Accountant / Controller / Pompous Ass
American Fire Sprinkler

People amaze me at their thinking.  I was working a horrible stop-gap job at American Fire Sprinkler in Kansas.  Lots of things were shitty in my life including that job and having to work with an asshole named Bob Caputo.

Bob was so arrogant, suffered from short man's disease, was condescending and a profound know-it-all.  Ridding the Caputo's from my life was one of the best things I ever did for myself.

American Fire's accountant / controller was a guy named, Leon Dreiling.  I liked Leon.  He seemed like such a nice guy.  My desk was right outside the door to his office.  When he needed a break, he'd come out to chit chat.

When I was little, Mom took us girls to St. Gabriel's Catholic Church.  Mom was a Catholic.  When Dad's work changed, we all started going to church as a family.  Dad was Methodist.  Mom & Dad decided we'd attend North Cross United Methodist Church.  It was kind of culture shock going from a Catholic church to a Methodist church.  Dad, Donna & I were baptized Methodist, but I still had this warm feeling for the Catholic Church.

My grandmother (Mom's mom) had passed and I was given her rosary.  It was a simple wooden rosary that was very light weight.  I wore it around my neck whenever I was missing her and wanted to feel close to her.

As an adult and following the Tribbey Nickerson fiasco (see below); I went back to the Catholic church.

One day at work, Leon spotted the rosary and said, "Is that a rosary?"  I said, "Yes."  He said, "You're wearing it around your neck like a necklace?"  I said, "Yes.  My Grandma died and it was hers.  I just needed to feel close to her."  He said, "Are you Catholic?"  I said, "No, but I attend St. Charles Catholic church."  He said, "You're not Catholic, but you go to a Catholic church?  You don't take communion, do you?"  I said, "Yes."

He went bonkers!  He's pacing back and forth and raising his voice.  He informed me, "That's sacrilegious!  You can only take communion if you're a Catholic.  I can't believe this!  How disrespectful!"  I simply asked, "Are not all invited to God's table"  Get this!  He said, "NO!  Only Catholics can take communion in a Catholic church."

I said, "Would Christ turn me away from hearing the good words?  Would Christ withhold nourishment from me?  Would I love God any more or less?"  Leon walked into his office and closed the door.

I just let the subject drop and went on with my work.  He continued to give me grief when I'd wear Grandma's rosary.  That was back in the mid 80's.  Funny how it still bothers me that he could be so arrogant and speak for God.

Christians should be Christians.  Everybody should be welcome to sing, to listen to and participate in a sermon, or be invited to God's table.

My Aunt Helen was the WORST for denying that many priests were/are pedophiles preying on children for sex.  Pope after Pope will turn their back on exposing those perverts.  All churches seem to have their noses in politics.  And Leon was flipping out over me drinking one ounce of grape juice, eating a 1" rice disk and me wanting to feel close to my grandma.  Again... organized religion and religious fanatics need to get a grip.

May 29, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Rev. William Tribbey Nickerson (a disgrace)
First United Methodist Church of North Kansas City, Missouri

I remember this horrible person!  No way, should this man have ever been ordained as a minister with the Methodist Church.
One of my friends was singing Tribbey Nickerson’s praises on social media about always hearing him say, “May the Lord bless you and keep you.  May the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you.  May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and grant you peace.”  Numbers 6:24-26 She commented on how he had made such a positive impact upon her life.  Son-of-a-bitch sure didn't make a positive impact on my life.  I had to apologize to her for ruining her vision of Nickerson's perceived perfection when I posted the story below.
It was about a month after my divorce from Robert Otto McIntyre, Jr. that I got to witness the nasty hateful "he can be bought" side of Tribbey Nickerson.  The man never asked me if I was ok, how my life was going or offered any words of advice or counseling.
McIntyre’s had gone to the First United Methodist Church in North Kansas City, Missouri long before I ever met Robert.  I switched from my church to Robert’s before we got married.  Through our engagement and 6 years of marriage we attended the First United Methodist Church of North Kansas City, Missouri every Sunday.  We took our place about 4 rows back on the left side Sunday after Sunday.  Let's see.  It was Bob, the Ice Queen (as Beth calls her), Barbara Ann, Richard, Me and Robert.  The Givens sat in front of us and others always sat in their same respective seat for years.
Even though we were divorced, I continued to attend church.  I just didn’t sit with “the family” any more.  One day, after church, Rev. Tribbey Nickerson was at the back of the sanctuary shaking hands with people as they left.  When it was my turn, I extended my hand; which Rev. Nickerson took.  He didn’t smile or make small talk, though.  He held tightly to my hand and led me out into the hallway.  The associate minister continued to greet those who followed after me.
In the hallway, short, fat & bald Rev. Tribbey Nickerson informed me that I was no longer welcome at the First United Methodist Church of North Kansas City, Missouri because it made the McIntyre’s uncomfortable.  He suggested with no uncertainty that I find another house of worship.  I said, “Are you telling me I’m not welcome in God’s house?”  He replied, “Well, McIntyre’s have been members a lot longer than you have.  They are pillars of our church.  Since you are divorced from Robert, there is no need for you to continue to attend the First Church.  McIntyre’s membership and financial contribution is more important to the church and we do our best to keep the pillars of the church happy.”
Oh my God!  I was crushed at first.  It surely hurt my feelings.  I didn't realize that I was supposed to leave my church when I got divorced.  My next feelings after a flood of tears was to be absolutely livid that a man representing himself as a Christian and a Methodist Minister could be so cold, greedy, insensitive and hateful.  In essence, "Mommy Dearest", Ione McIntyre wanted me gone.  I never liked her anyway, but that was pretty despicable even for her.  For certain I never stepped foot in that sin filled vile church again.

I’ve got nothing nice to say about Rev. William Tribbey Nickerson or the McIntyre family.  A sour, hateful man, Nickerson was for sure!  I guess he thought he was the gatekeeper for God.

Tribbey Nickerson forgot that he should only have been a humble steward of a facility for the purpose of the worship of God.  Not for the purpose of pleasing the McIntyre family.  He forgot that God would never turn anyone away from "God's" house.  Organized Religion needs to take a hard look at themselves and the members of their congregation.  WWJD?


May 29, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Only Stupid People Smoke Cigarettes!

The most selfish nasty ass people in the world are CIGARETTE  SMOKERS!

They have zero regard for anyone except themselves! You stupid assholes! No matter where you smoke, your Second Hand Cigarette Smokse filters unhealthy toxins everywhere. Kids breath it. Pets breath it. Animals breath it. The sick breath it. The elderly breath it. I breath it. Put on a HazMat suit and breath big concentrated breaths that only you have to breath. Kill yourself off as quickly as possible, if you must; but don't subject the rest of us to YOUR bad habit & addiction!

You SMELL terrible! Your breath smells terrible! It's on your clothes! It stains the walls & furniture. It makes your teeth & nails turn yellow. When you smoke anywhere near me, your stench gets on my clothes, it's in my lungs, it's on my skin & in my hair. STOP! It's killing you and all of the rest of us!

You look at me & ask, "You don't mind if I smoke, do you?" SURPRISE!  YES, dumb ass!  I DO mind. Lock yourself in your car, roll all the windows up. Inhale until you choke.  Going outside doesn't magically make your cigarette smoke disappear or for it to be ok.

Thirty years ago, when it used to be acceptable to smoke wherever you wanted, you carelessly burnt a hole on my coffee table, on my card table, on my upholstery & linens. Your attitude was, "Oh well!  Sucks to be her!" Thank God, years ago I finally said, "No Smoking" in my home, in my car or around me.

Your deep seeded mucus filled cough, is disgusting to have to listen to.  Thanks for sharing at 3:00 a.m. or when I'm eating. And the jackass guy who keeps spitting! Holy Shit!  OMG!  Learn some freaking manners!

Only stupid people smoke cigarettes!
Grow some balls, show some respect & STOP!


May 26, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
A Shot Of Happiness
I could use a Triple Goober Berry Sunrise today.
"Oh, Waiter!"

May 24, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Dishwashing Soap vs. Dish Washer Soap (Dawn vs. Cascade)

This picture reminds me of my dad.  Mom & I went to the grocery store.  While we were gone, Dad started the dishwasher trying to be helpful.  Instead of putting in Cascade, he put in Dawn, closed the door and started the dishwasher up.  He filled the little cup up to the top.  Fast forward...

Mom & I get home from the store.  I come in the front door heading for the kitchen with bags of groceries in both hands.  I stop at the step going up into the kitchen and am greeted by a flood of bubbles with more pouring out of the dishwasher.  It was a zillion times worse than this because our kitchen was huge. 

The sight actually makes you stop for a minute and gain your perspective.  Mine went like this, "Oh...  My...  God!"  I can still see myself standing there holding three heavy bags of groceries in each hand watching tall mounds of suds creep towards me somewhat fast.

I drop the groceries on the dining room floor, kick off my shoes & socks and cautiously head into the kitchen to shut the dishwasher off.  The suds are inches from flooding into our dining room and onto the carpet.

Mom's waiting in the Town Car for me to unload.  I make my way out to tell her to shut the car off and come in.  I told her, "Dad put Dawn in the dishwasher instead of Cascade. The whole kitchen is flooded."  She's shaking her head and laughing as she comes in the house.

Dad says, "What's wrong?"  He comes in from the living room.  I'm rolling laughing.  I said, "Dad, honey... I think you must have put Dawn in the dishwasher instead of Cascade."  He said, "I thought that bottle looked weird."  We were all three laughing.

Ya know.  We've got a mess.  We might as well get a laugh out of it.  Right?

I started mopping.  Mom & Dad sat down in the dining room to supervise.  There was water and suds under the refrigerator, dishwasher, freezer, table, chairs, TV and darned near every inch of our big ol' kitchen.  The throw rug in front of the kitchen sink was floating.  It went outside to drip dry over the fence.

After mopping and drying the tile floor, I got the rest of the groceries carried in and put away.  I was beat!  We couldn't stop laughing.

May 24, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Conditional Love

I was thinking about my little sister.  I hope one day she has the opportunity to learn what unconditional love is.  She operates in a mode of conditional love.  If you want me to love you and allow you in my life; then, here is her long list of ridiculous rules... 

Conditional Love isn't love.  I'm not paying anybody's high price for fake love that can be so easily turned off and on.  That's more like a circus animal jumping through a hoop trying to please.  I spent years being her "Whipping Post", as Dad used to call it.  Those days are over.  That conditional love also doesn't mean I will ever allow an abusive person back into my life no matter what the circumstances are.

I provide Unconditional Love.  I may not like someone's words or actions; but I don't turn love off and on like a light switch.  That's just impossible.  I may use the words, "I hate" such and such; but that's doesn't turn a lifetime of loving someone to the off position.

I was thrown to the street like garbage.  You can't imagine the pain.  Score!  That broke my heart and hurts me to the bone every day.  But I'm not stopping my life because someone else threw me out with the trash.  It doesn't define me.  It just showed me who really never loved me in the first place.

May 22, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Cigarette Smokers

I was at a nice non-smoking hotel.  I went to get dinner and upon returning, I noticed a woman smoking a cigarette from inside her room.  Her hand with the cigarette between her fingers was sticking out the window.  Seriously!  She had opened the window and removed the screen.  That's what caught my attention, was this hand sticking out of the window.  I guess she thought she was being compliant to the no-smoking rule.  She would bring the cigarette in long enough to take a drag, then stick the burning cig back out the window. I watched her and as she'd talk to the other people in the room, the cigarette smoke drifts out of her mouth.  It had to be all over the curtains, too.  I could smell the cigarette smoke in the hallway as I walked to my room.

It's like those morons who go into a bathroom stall at work and smoke their cigarettes.  Like who are they kidding?  Just because the toilet stall door is closed and we can't see you, doesn't mean we can't smell you & your nasty ass cigarette.

Another hotel I stayed at had the Zoneline type of heater / air conditioners that are half in and half outside of a guest room.  They suck in air from outside.  So the smokers stand outside filling their lungs & body with toxins; and everybody else has to breath their nasty ass cigarette smoke as it floats in the air and comes in from the heater / air conditioning units.  Why don't they rent from a hotel that allows smoking?  Problem solved for everybody.

Or the dumb asses stand right outside the front door and smoke.  All of the rest of us have to walk through their filthy cigarette smoke to get inside.  Selfish - selfish people.

May 20, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Walmart Greeters

I walked into Walmart, minding my own business, intent on buying a few groceries.  By the time I got about 15’ into the store, someone yells, “Welcome to Walmart, ma’am...  Ma'am!  Ma'am!”  I’m already in the store and looking at produce to my right and Lay’s chips to my left.  I had to turn around to see who was yelling and if the person yelling was yelling at me.

Sure enough there is an extremely obese Greeter (and that's putting it nicely).  He is half sitting and half laying on a chair with his back to customers walking IN to the store.  He can see those exiting, as he’s facing them.  In front of him is a shopping cart with one of those giant soda pop cups that looks big enough to hold 2 liters.  He’s too obese to stand.  His khaki slacks are so tight, I wonder how he ever got them on or will get them off.  Yes, I realize he was yelling at me.  What a sight he was to behold.  I should have taken a picture of him all sprawled out like a beached walrus and sent it in to "The People of Walmart".

And, if you're this "Greeter" at Walmart in Gladstone, Missouri... YES!  I'm talking about YOU!  Perhaps you have a disease.  I can accommodate a disease.  Perhaps you have simply eaten yourself into oblivion.  Either way, it doesn't give you the right to yell at people and expect them to drop everything they are doing to come back and chit chat with you.  If you are incapable of doing your job, find another.

Anyway, I look at him and he repeats loudly, “Welcome to Walmart, ma’am.”  By this time, I’m irritated.  I smiled, though and said, “Thanks!”  I turn and start to proceed on, but that’s not good enough.  Jumbo Tron wants to strike up a conversation.  “Ma’am…  let us know if there is anything we can help you with.”  I turn and yes, the son of a bitch is still yelling at me.  There's nobody else around and he's making eye contact with me.

Under my breath, I’m calling him everything but white as I grimace & walk off.  Get off your lazy fat ass, grumbles out through my lips as I turn towards the lettuce.  WTF?  I can’t believe he’s just sitting there yelling at people.  If you’re a greeter, GET UP off your fat ass and GREET!  Look me in the eye and say hello.  Don’t sit there on your throne with your back to me as I enter and expect me to stop my day to humor you.

Why does Walmart think they have to accommodate these people?  I’m overweight myself, but I’m not disgustingly obese, swigging on my gallon of soda pop, too fat to stand and yelling at people.  Go get surgery.  Get your health in order.  Join the carnival.  Lay on one of those circular beds with a cloth over your kahoonies.  Be a freak!  Don't do it at Walmart.  Next time, I will completely ignore you.

I think over the years, my tolerance level has decreased to zero.  I'm tired of "rising above it"!  I think I'm turning into my little sister.  You know... one of the mean girls.  Or maybe I've just put up with people's crap for so long, I'm finally venting. It's like they always say, "The truth comes out of the mouth of a child, a drunk or somebody pissed off."  God help us all.

May 16, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice

I'm not sure people who have money understand what poverty is like, including the toll fighting for survival takes on your mind and health."  -Bernie Sanders (Twitter, May 16, 2016) I'm certainly not a Bernie Sanders for President fan; but his comment on poverty is 100% accurate.

May 3, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
America First!  Finally!

Earlier in the day I watched a YouTube video of Donald Trump speaking in Terre Haute, Indiana.  I loved how he said, "America First"; so I quoted it in a comment, "America First!  Finally!"

Another YouTuber named, "elucidative" made this post addressing me, "Mary Margaret De Shon If you like America first you are antisemitic.  Americans have to put Israel first or you are a NAZI."

Seriously?  I'm an American, born and raised in the heart of America.  It will be a cold day in Hell before I'll put Israel before the American people; and none of our elected officials should, either.  It's just amazing to me that this individual can label a complete stranger as a Nazi and anti-Semitic over the use of two words, "America First".  Imagine that!  An American saying, "America First" and the ADL and these jack asses making it into a crime.

Then I get another smart ass named Abraham Benitez who made a post calling me a bitch.  Then "elucidative" comes back informing me that it's the ADL calling me a Nazi & anti-Semitic, not him.

And another broke dick named "1and only" (no picture, no real name) posted, "finally what lol man this girl doesn't even know what she is talking about LOL so freaking funny."  At least I can formulate a complete sentence using correct structure, grammar, punctuation, etc.  For the record, I know exactly what Donald Trump was referring to and my comment reiterated.  It had nothing to do with the Jewish, Charles Lindbergh, the Nazi's, etc.

Don't keep trying to drag me back to the past.  I am living in the present!  Get over yourself and stop being hate driven smart alecks.

Trump's reference is simple.  For the first time in American History, a candidate for president is not putting illegals before Americans; not putting foreign countries before America; not putting political correctness before honesty and he'll be forcing other countries to fight for themselves.  That's using the words "America First" in a simple statement of who comes first.  American Infrastructure, American's Healthcare, American's Debt Reduction... that kind of stuff.

I had to stop and go look up the ADL, Nazi and anti-Semitic references to "America First".  Seriously, people?  Talk about living in the past and thinking we all need to be dragged backwards, kicking & screaming to appease a minority of people who can't understand there are more than one reference to almost every freaking word in the dictionary.  When I read through the hate driven rhetoric on ADL's website, I started laughing.

ADL = Anti-Defamation League.  What the Hell do they think they are doing calling people Nazi and anti-Semitic just because they support their country.  If the Jews don't like it.  Hit the freaking road and go back to wherever the Hell you came from.

One of their links shows, "Combating Hate".  It isn't hate.  It's a change in terminology.  The ADL is doing nothing BUT promoting hate, dredging up the past, harping on Lindberg's speech, trying to feel sorry for themselves.  Jeez!  Get OVER IT!

Two words are NOT pouring salt into the wounds of the Jewish people.  Any human with intelligence knows that the persecution of the Jewish by the old Nazi Germany was an atrocity.  It ended in 1945.  I wasn't even alive in 1945.  What's happening today with ISIS is, as well.

What's comical to me is that, I as an American was eating a BLT at the time.  Bring on the bacon, pork chops, ham, baby back ribs and BBQ pulled pork.  Elucidative, (no face) Abraham Benitez and another (no face) 1and only, please take your name-calling and hate on down the road and sell it to somebody who gives a shit.  AMERICA FIRST!

April 30, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice

Yes, I signed the 
Pledge to Boycott Target 

Although I am a straight female; I have nothing against gays, lesbians, bi, or transgenders.  The problem from my perspective is that the media has decided, all of a sudden, to shove transgenders down my throat.

If I ever see Bruce Jenner or whatever "It" is calling "itself" these days; I'll be thrilled.  I was just wondering, though.  If a transgender takes all those hormones in an attempt to alter their looks and gender; what would happen if they took hormones to make them look like a chimp or a buffalo?  Let's have Jenner give it a shot.

I've watched CBS' Big Brother since it first came on the air.  The last season I watched was the first season with a transgender.  As soon as they introduced "it", I never tuned in to watch again.  The politically correct stuff is over the top and out of line.

While I'm on the subject of never watching again... I really enjoyed "Once Upon a Time", an ABC show.  Never in my life, though was Dorothy Gale from Kansas a lesbian.  Neither was Little Red Riding Hood.  I didn't have a problem when Red became a wolf, but I did when she became a lesbian.  More crap shoved down my throat by ABC.  I stopped watching when the "true love's kiss" started.

A local Kansas City high school had a transgender win Homecoming Queen.  There are all kinds of articles about it on the Internet.  Even homecoming has turned into an unnecessary spectacle.

An xfriend told me about her nephew, who is a transgender with blue hair.  He/She/It lives with a guy who dresses in a squirrel costume all the time.  I asked if this guy wore his squirrel costume to work.  She said, "No, but he always wears it when he comes for family dinners and get togethers."  I asked if that was accepted.  She said, "Yes."  My opinion was that the family enables this guy to act... less than normal in his attire.  Blue hair?  I don't mind blue hair, piercings, ink, etc. as long as nothing is excessive.  I draw the line on weirdness at a squirrel costume.  If he accepts that it isn't acceptable attire at work, he should get the drift that it isn't acceptable attire out in public.  Get some mental health counseling, please.

Just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions.

The internet shows as of this time in 2015 there were 700,000 Americans who are transgender.  As of this writing the United States Census shows there are 323.5 million Americans and, of course, that number is constantly changing.  So why is the media going berserk to make a big deal out of 700,000 Americans that clearly have a medical condition of gender conflict?  So few are even public about their gender change.  Nobody even brings it up that it's a medical condition.  But since Jenner decides to make a ridiculous spectacle of himself, all of a sudden it's shoved down our throats.  Get a CPT and ICD code.  Find a cure to normal.

I watched a documentary some time back that showed individuals who were born with both male and female reproductive systems, a penis and ovaries, for example.  That's a medical condition, not a life style change.  We are talking mental and physical health conditions.  Not life threatening like cancer, but a condition that needs to be understood and not a bunch of hormone therapy to mask the problem.

Body builders and athletes take shots to build their stamina and muscles.  Somebody is always getting called on it, too when it comes to competition.

I'm all in to acceptance, but there are some things I don't want shoved down my throat.  I accept different aspects or components of different things.  That doesn't mean I have to accept every aspect of every thing.

Be you, but don't fault me for being me.  I'm sick to death of transgenders thinking cross dressing and hormones are the answer.  Go to the doctor.  Get some help.  To the media... grow up and do responsible reporting.

April 30, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Mom’s Tea Set
Within a week of my mother’s death, I get a call from my Aunt Betty (Mom’s older sister).  After the normal small talk, Aunt Betty said, “Did your mom ever talk to you about her tea set?”  My heart sank and I sat down at my desk.  With a sick feeling lump in my throat I said, “No. Why?”  Aunt Betty tells me that she and Mom were given that tea set to share when they were little. Back then it had all of the pieces, plus silverware.  Aunt Betty said that, as kids, they made an agreement that whoever died first, the other one would get the other half of their tea set. Well, my Mom died first and Aunt Betty was calling to collect.
Aunt Betty was 82 years old at the time she called me in December 2006.  Mom always kept her ½ of the tea set and what was left of my & Donna’s tea set below the glass serving tray on her small rolling butler’s table.  We saw the tea sets every day on display.  We loved them.  My older sister had already laid claim to Mom’s Blue Willow Child’s Tea Set.  I was good with that, never dreaming anybody else would surface demanding Mom’s stuff.
After Aunt Betty was done talking and explaining that she wanted Mom’s half; I said, “Oh my gosh, Aunt Betty; I can’t let go of that tea set. Donna wants it.” Aunt Betty wasn’t happy and continued to make her point that rightfully, those few cups, saucers, platter and tea pot belonged to her and she wanted them.  I thought I was going to throw up from the stress.  I mean, I love Aunt Betty.  I always have loved her and always will love her.  I'd never do anything to hurt her.  We hung up with me saying, “I’m sorry, but I just can't and it isn't just my decision.  It's Donna & Julie's decision, too.”
There was constant bickering over these few pieces of Mom’s Blue Willow Tea Set between my sisters and Aunt Betty over the next few days. Some pieces were even broken, chipped, cracked and glued together. After listening to bickering and name calling for several days, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had a 55 year old & an 82 year old fighting over a tea set and me stuck in the middle.
I understood Aunt Betty’s perspective, but my gosh we hadn’t even had a chance to grieve or go through any of Mom’s things.  Mom had just died and we were all lost mentally.  Dad was sick and it was all we could do to make it through each day without crying.
People were coming out of nowhere demanding Mom’s things.  Couldn’t we have just been given the opportunity to grieve first?  This was an agreement that was made over 65 years ago.  My mind kept thinking, “So what happens to our Mom’s half when Aunt Betty dies?  Does my cousin, Gayle get it?  Gayle hates crap like that.  Will it be thrown out?  Gayle isn’t in to memorabilia.  Is this going to be like Aunt Carol and Grandma’s Baptismal Certificate?”
I understood Donna’s perspective, 100%.  As kids we had all loved Mom’s tea set.  We couldn’t bear the thought of just handing those chipped up and few pieces, over to others.  Mom cherished memorabilia and what was important to her was important to us.
I couldn’t take the bickering anymore.  So, I got on eBay, did a search and miracle upon miracles, there was the same tea set pattern, year, color, run number, etc. on auction ending in 10 minutes… a complete set, minus the silverware.  I started to panic.  Ten Minutes!  What great luck & timing.  The auction was already at $70 with multiple bids and 40 people watching.  I bid $2,000 in a last 3 second snipe. I won the auction at $90. At the time I had a ton of money and it would have been worth the $2,000 to stop the fighting. I privately split up the pieces to give Aunt Betty what was missing from her set and Donna got all the rest plus Mom’s original pieces. To be fair, we swapped out so both Donna & Aunt Betty ended up with broken or chipped pieces.  So all in all, Donna & Aunt Betty both got a complete set except for the silverware. Donna got Mom’s silverware.   The silverware was just a knife and a fork with a broken tine.  Aunt Betty wanted the silverware, too; but I just couldn't make two miracles happen in one day.
My sister said that there was no proof of my aunt’s claim.  I grimaced and said, “Well, that’s not really true.”  Donna said, “What do you mean?”  No physical proof was correct, but I could validate Aunt Betty’s claim.  I was sitting at the dinner table with Mom & all my aunts years ago during a family dinner.  I remember them talking about the agreement. Since Mom’s half was always on display, it caught Aunt Betty’s eye and she brought up the agreement.  Mom laughed, winked at me and was kidding around when she mused, “I’ll get the tea set. Bet is older than me and she’ll die first.” Everybody laughed when they were all healthy, sassy, enjoying a big family dinner and death seemed so very far away. 
When Aunt Carol, then Aunt Betty started demanding Mom’s possessions, it was just so hurtful to us.  We never did any of that or even would have considered asking for someone else’s things.  I can't imagine that Mom would have brought it up to Aunt Betty's kids had the shoe been on the other foot.  When Uncle Bud (Dad’s brother) died, Uncle Bud had several of Dad’s tools.  They had a big sale and Dad lost his tools that Uncle Bud had borrowed.  They weren’t even courteous enough to tell us they were having a sale.
Donna knew the truth about the eBay purchase from the day I divided up the pieces between she & Aunt Betty.  We agreed to keep the information private.  She hugged me and said, "You are such a good Me-Me."  She thanked me several times and took Mom's Blue Willow Tea Set home.
When I took the tea set down to Aunt Betty, she had my cousin, Gayle crawl up into the attic and get Aunt Betty’s half down from storage.  Aunt Betty put the whole complete set together on her dining room table and started reliving stories of when she & Mom were kids.  It was a fun day and everyone was happy.  She did continue to complain some about the silverware that Donna had, but seemed extremely pleased that her and Mom’s agreement had been fulfilled.
Donna was happy.  Aunt Betty was happy.  I was out $90 bucks, but I was happy that they both were happy.
One day in 2009 after Dad died, Aunt Carol & I were having lunch at Cheddars in St. Joseph, Missouri.  She brought up about the tea set and how much it meant to Aunt Betty that she got the other half and now had a complete set.  I just kind of chuckled and told her confidentially the story of me buying the eBay set. She thought it was a brilliant move on my part.  I swore her to secrecy and told her my only motive to my investment was to settle a dispute and make two people I loved, both happy.
In 2010, Aunt Betty found out about the tea set after Dad died and was not upset; at least not openly to me.  She understood that I did it to make everybody happy and get some peace. Her half of the tea set had been in her attic for years.  She didn’t even have it on display like Mom did.  She was happy. My sister was happy. All of God's children were happy. Not to pat myself on the back, but it takes very little effort to be a peacemaker even if you have nothing to gain yourself except a little peace of mind.  It was worth the $90.
At first I was “such a good Me-Me” for being so kind and putting others first to settle a dispute.   The next minute, when everybody hates my guts, I’m a vile trickster.  When you’re trying to destroy another person, you’ll say anything.  I was accused of tricking Aunt Betty and dismissed as not being honest, when I only did it to make everybody happy.
My one question was always, “What did you or anybody else do to resolve the conflict?”  The answer was… not a damned thing.  Draw a line in the sand, cross your arms, hold your position and demand for everything to be your way.  If you don’t get your way, pout and become the victim of mean ol’ Mary.
Well, screw that bullshit.  I still hold that was the best $90 I ever spent.

April 28, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Auntie Carol Coats' Greed

Before Grandma Heerlein died, she divided up some of her stuff between her living kids.  Mom got Grandma's Bisque Porcelain Hugging Kewpie's.  The Kewpies were the cake topper on Grandma & Grandpa Heerlein's wedding cake.  Mom also got the original of Grandma Heerlein's Baptismal Certificate, Grandma's crystal celery dish and a few other things.

I had scanned Grandma's Baptismal Certificate and placed it on my genealogy website.  I told all relatives it was out there.  All they had to do was right click and save a PDF copy.  They could print it off on their own color printers and it would be beautiful.  Easy and everybody gets a copy.

When Mom died I got a call from Aunt Carol.  She asked me about the baptismal certificate.  I said I had it.  She said he wanted it and that it belonged with one of Grandma's children and not me.  I said, "So, if I give it to you, why do you deserve it more than Aunt Helen, Aunt Betty, Uncle Bus or Uncle Red?"  She scoffed and said, "Because I'm the one asking for it."  I said, "So what happens to it once you pass?"  She immediately snapped, "Becky Sue will get it."  I said, so your daughter would get it after you die?  Isn't that what happened when my mom died?  I got it.  So why would Becky Sue deserve it anymore than me, Donna or Julie; or even your three sons?"  She didn't have an answer.  It took her three weeks to stop protesting.  I still have Grandma's Baptismal Certificate.

When I was homeless Auntie Carol offered to have me move some of my stuff from an expensive POD to her basement garage.  I thought at first that was a blessing, but it was actually a plot.  I kept noticing that my things were moved around, boxes had been rummaged through and things were missing.  I finally asked her and she said she was looking for Grandma's Kewpies.  I asked why.  She said the Kewpie's belonged with her.

I had them.  Aunt Carol wanted them.  So without asking, she just started sifting through my things like anything was hers for the taking.  Mom had even written in permanent black Magic Marker on the underneath side of the Kewpie's feet, "Julie".  Mom had ear marked them for my younger sister, Julie.  Just like Mom wrote my name on the bottom of the crystal celery dish and I'd bet there was something with Donna's name written on it, too.

Luckily the Kewpies & Grandma's celery dish were in my 2nd POD still in storage and Miss Greedy never found them to confiscate.

Of course, Auntie Carol had Grandpa Heerlein's collection of recipes from his business, Sterling Pickling Works.  She never shared those in any way, shape or form.  GREED and SELFISHNESS.  I used to love her so much.  Now, I have contempt for her.  Although a flicker of love still exists, there is a big dark cloud around it and a crack in my heart.  When anybody mentions her name, I lash out with as much venom as I can spew.  Years of putting up with people's crap?  Yes, I'm done with just taking it.

I remember Aunt Carol always complaining about her husband's, Aunt Thelma.  When Thelma passed, Aunt Carol said, "Did I tell you Lee's Aunt Thelma passed?"  I said, "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that."  Aunt Carol laughed and said, "Aunt Thelma was one of those hateful people that when she died, everybody was glad."  I feel the same way about Aunt Carol, now that she's passed.  I'm sure my little sister will say the same thing about me.

When Mom died, it wasn't 30 days before people came out of the freaking woodwork demanding her things.  Our family was already traumatized and struggling with her death, Uncle Bus' death, Dad's failing health, working out of town, etc.  We were falling apart and relatives were pummeling us from all sides.  I still don't understand why others had to add to the pain we were already experiencing.  It seemed like everybody had their freaking hands out.

April 28, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
Pickett School, St. Joseph, Missouri

Mom graduated from the old Pickett School in St. Joseph, Missouri.  Dad went to school there until the 8thgrade; at which time, he dropped out to work during the Great Depression.  They had nothing but fun and memorable stories of growing up and going to school at Pickett.  They were both devoted alumni and truly loved going to the reunions.

When they started having all school reunions, my Aunt Marie Tarwater-Heerlein, Mom & Dad’s close friends, Marvin & Agnes Tarwater (Aunt Marie's aunt & uncle) and Mom were the Reunion Committee. Aunt Marie was the keeper of the list of alumni because she worked and “knew computers”.  Over the years, Aunt Marie passed and Ruth Barbee and Rosalie Probst joined. Next Marv & Ag both passed, as did Mom & Rosalie.

The reunions were big 10 years ago.  There were around 150 people who showed up every other year for the reunion.  They hosted the reunions in big meeting halls like the Moila and they had the food catered.  Here in 2016, the alumni are down to about 30 people.  Pretty much everyone else has passed or has illnesses that prohibit them from attending.

Mom had great organizational skills as did Aunt Marie.  I bought Mom a subscription to the St. Joe News Press and Ancestry.com.  I taught her how to use my laptop & printer; and set her up with an email account. For her age, she was good at it and couldn’t figure out why everybody didn’t have email.  She looked up and gathered obituary information for deceased alumni.  She also set out to gather all the old class photos that used to hang in the halls of the old school.

Before the original Pickett School burned down, people were rushing into the burning school to grab the class pictures off the walls.  Mom made dozens of phone calls, talked to different people and soon had almost all of the class pictures; which I now have.  Plus, someone had pulled the brass front door handle out of the embers and gave it to Mom, as well.  My brother-in-law, Alan Rogers mounted it on a nice piece of wood and the alumni loved seeing it at each reunion.  There was even a yellow quilt that my Aunt Helen had where each girl in her class embroidered their name on a quilt panel.  I’m assuming Aunt Betty, as Aunt Helen's heir, still has that quilt.  I haven’t seen it in years.

Mom created about nine 3” white binders full of class pictures, obituaries, pictures and memorabilia.  Mom created sing along handouts of their school song.  She even used to lead the singing of the school song at their reunions.

There was some old bastard, I think he was a principal or teacher; who always called Mom, Helen (her older sister).  And he’d pronounce her maiden name as “Hair-line” instead of Heerlein (her-line).  It always pissed Mom off, that he couldn’t even get her name right.  He was standing at the podium during the opening ceremonies.  He pointed at Mom who was already standing and said, “Now Helen Hairline will lead us in singing the school song.”  Mom just rolled her eyes at Dad & I and started singing.  Dad & I called her Helen all the way home until she threatened us with bodily harm.  She'd always say, "How hard is it to get my name right?  He says it wrong at every reunion.  Why don't they get somebody else to be the speaker?"

I used to go to the reunions with Mom & Dad.  I think Mom more used me as a work horse instead of a guest.  I’d get drinks for the alumni, help seniors with walkers carry their plates, take pictures and videos, clean up, collect & pack up the table decorations at the end of the event, break down tables & chairs and haul the Pickett Books in and out for Mom.  A couple of times, my cousin, Becky Sue got drafted, as well. We didn’t mind.  It always made us feel good to help and we loved being there with our parents.  Becky’s mom and dad didn’t even attend Pickett.

On Mom’s death bed before she was murdered by NorthCare Hospice & North Kansas City Hospital, I was sitting next to her, holding her hand and asked her, “Momma, what do you want me to do with the Pickett Books?”  In her usual in control voice she said, “Don’t ever let them out of your sight.”  I kissed her, patted her hand and said, "I won't.  I'll keep them safe."  She smiled.  She died a few days later, on December 4, 2006.  I’ve kept those books safe since and have been scanning so I could share the pictures and memorabilia with everyone.

When I made the mistake of moving to St. Joe for a couple of years, I had one of many nasty little encounters with Mom’s youngest sister, Aunt Carol Coats.  Aunt Carol was a condescending, bossy, hateful bitch.  The biggest know-it-all you’ll ever meet and impossible to get along with.  She demanded, “You need to give them books to them girls that does them reunions!”  Don’t even get me started on her lack of language skills.

I defiantly shook my head and said, “No!  I point blank asked Mom what she wanted me to do with HER Pickett books and she said for me to not let them out of my sight.  I’m not giving them to anybody.  They are just fine and safe with me.  She entrusted them to me and I’m not disobeying her last wishes.”  Aunt Carol huffed & puffed and tried to bully me into giving the books to Rosalie or Ruth; but there was nothing she could do about my decision and I sure don't react well to a bully.  Although Ruth is still alive as of this writing, within 30 days of Aunt Carol's demand, Rosalie died unexpectedly.  Had I given the Pickett Books to Rosalie, her son would have ended up with them; then what?  I'm NOT disrespecting my mother.

I don’t speak to anybody on Mom or Dad’s sides of the family anymore.  Too many hateful and negative things happened and we have all become estranged.

So enter Mom’s youngest brother, Uncle Red into the scene in the summer of 2015.  He doesn’t have the balls to contact me directly so he has his son, Chris contact my older sister, Donna with a cryptic message to have Donna call Uncle Red.  So, Donna called him and according to Donna, he demanded the Pickett Books.  Donna was much more polite than I would have been.  She said, “Oh gosh, Uncle Red.  Mary’s not going to let go of those books.  Mom made her promise that she’d never let them out of her sight right before Mom died.  Mary’s not going to give those books to anybody.  She'll never break her promise to Mom.  I’ll relay your message, but I can’t see it happening.”  He commented that the Pickett books didn't belong to me, but belonged to the alumni and demanded them.

Donna relayed the message to me and I said, “Hell, No!  I’ll call Ruth directly.”  I’m a firm believer in going from point A to point B without middle men who get things all screwed up.  I called Ruth directly and said, “I understand you want to talk to me about the Pickett books.”  She said she knew I had them and was wondering if I’d give them to her or bring them to their next reunion.”  I told her, “No, I would not give anybody Mom’s Pickett books.  Ruth stated that they were down to only about 30 people showing up and that they no longer rented big meeting halls or had food catered in, but met at a local restaurant.  Ruth was worried about me and Uncle Red being at the same dinner table for the 2016 Reunion since there are such ill feelings.

At first I offered to come to the event and bring the books like I did so many times in the past.  Now there is no reason to worry about Uncle Red & I at the same table.  I'm not coming and neither are the books.  I’m sorry, but I’m not going to haul all those books up to a restaurant in St. Joe for 30 people to (maybe) take a look at and me have to pack them all back up and haul them all back down to Kansas City.  There are nine Pickett books.  They are big and very heavy.  Logically, the remaining alumni are all in their 80’s.  At a restaurant, they are there to eat, visit and go home.  Who is going to take the extra time to browse through 9 books of pictures & memorabilia?

I was asked to loan them to them, but I don’t feel comfortable that I’d ever get them back.  I told the Northwestern Genealogical Society I had everything.  They wanted me to give the books to them to scan, as well.  I said, "No".  I’ve been scanning and making videos available on public platforms like YouTube as time permits.  I have zero trust.

It's always give me this or give me that.  I'm pretty sick to death of people stealing what is mine or demanding that I just give what is mine, to them.  To many people, those pictures are meaningless pieces of memorabilia and silly old pictures, as one man told me.  To my mother, it was years of work, research & collecting.  Years of dragging those books to reunions for a couple of hundred people to enjoy.  Dollars making triplicate photos so if someone wanted a copy, we had extras right there for them to take.  But most importantly, it was a promise made to my mother on her death bed.  A promise I won't break.

I always respect my mother & father.  So don’t ask me.  The answer is NO!


April 19, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
M. Ed Heerlein Construction, St. Joseph, Missouri

BEWARE!  We hired Eddie to put a new roof on our house.  His dad & my mother were brother & sister.  His dad wanted us to hire Eddie to do our roof because Eddie needed money.  So my mom hired him out of respect for her brother and didn’t get other quotes erroneously assuming Eddie would treat us fairly or be less expensive than a professional.  Let me tell you our story and how Maurice Edward Heerlein is a pure scam artist who screwed his own relatives for a buck.

1)  Eddie ripped off the old roofing and left our house exposed to the weather.  It poured down rain for TWO days and Eddie was nowhere to be found & wouldn’t return phone calls.  Mom kept calling him telling him the weather shows it’s going to rain.  No response.  Sure enough, it poured down rain.  Dad, my Uncle Bud and neighbors scrambled to put plastic down.  Our ceilings were damaged from the rain throughout the entire house.  He made no concession or offer to fix the ceilings. THIS CLOWN CAUSED PROPERTY DAMAGE!

2)  Mom & I paid for the materials upfront and they were delivered to our house.

3)  When Eddie ripped off the old roofing he left staples, roofing nails and debris all over the yard for us to pick up.  My car ended up with a flat tire from a roofing nail that washed into the driveway after the rain storm.  TOO LAZY TO DO IT RIGHT!

4)  Eddie brought his brat daughter, Brittany to our house for us to babysit for free while he worked.

5)  Eddie worked sometimes until 1:30 – 2:00 a.m. hammering away on our roof.  Our neighbors and I had to get up at 5:30 to get ready for work.  The hammering made it impossible to sleep, but Eddie didn’t give a shit.  The quicker he got done, the sooner he got his money.  DISRESPECTFUL!

6)  The last night that Eddie worked, when he got done he stood on the roof and screamed, “a bee, a bee, a bee… that’s all folks!”  SCREAMED IT!  You may think that’s funny, but those of us that needed to sleep so we could go to work the next day; weren’t amused.  UNPROFESSIONAL!

7)  THE SCAM:  We noticed there was an excessive amount of extra nails, tar paper, shingles, etc. as he got closer to the end of the job.  When Eddie came by to get his money, he started loading up all the extra materials.  Mom asked him if he needed the receipt to take all the extra materials back.  He said, “No.  I’m taking them to Robin’s to roof her house.”  Robin was Eddie’s sister.  We always wondered if she was in on the scam, too or if Eddie charged her, as well.  My guess is he scammed his own sister, too.

Mom protested.  I protested.  Dad protested.  Eddie laughed in our faces and said, “I gave you a price & you paid it.  What I do with the extra stuff is my business.”  Mom said, “I can’t believe you’d expect me to pay to roof Robin’s house.  That's a lot of money!  I have no idea what it costs.  How would I know if you were billing me for Robin’s house, too?”  He kissed my mom on the cheek, winked, grinned as though he had just scored a big one, and left.

Mom said, “As long as my brother is alive, I will never say a word about what a crook Eddie is.  For sure, I will NEVER give Eddie another drop of work or recommend him.”

Mom died on December 4, 2006... 25 days before Eddie’s dad, my Uncle Bus who died on December 29, 2006.  Uncle Bus NEVER would have approved of Eddie's UNETHICAL behavior or for Eddie to screw us over like that.

8)  Unfortunately, Eddie is my cousin.  A cousin, I will never respect or allow in my life.  We babysat Brittany, and as Mom called her "Brattany" while Eddie worked on the roof.  We fed them both lunch & dinner. We never expected Eddie to screw us over, but he did and was proud of it.

9)  So you decide if you want to do business with Maurice Edward Heerlein Construction "Ed" of St. Joseph, Missouri.  Then check his lawsuits out before you hire someone who would screw his own relatives.  He screwed people who loved him and cared about him. 

10)  Eddie spits on his finger and shoves it in your ear.  A "Wet Willy" as he calls it.  He thinks that's cute & funny.  I found it to be disgusting and immature.  He bent my ear over for no reason at all, breaking the cartilage in my ear and permanently damaging it.  And, let me tell you.  It hurt like Hell.  He thought that was funny, too.  He's a complete ass with a warped and disgusting sense of humor.  He'd screw anybody for a buck.

April 8, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
BEWARE of Joy Miller, DDS - Kansas City, Missouri

Joy Miller & her staff are classless and she is completely incompetent.  That's just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions.  I've held it in for a long time.  No longer!

1) CAUTION:  Be very very careful of anything you say or share in the office of Joy Miller, DDS.  They keep notes on your file of personal information, past marriages, family disputes, deceased family members, kids, pets, jobs, etc.  They thrive on dirt.

2) The woman who cleaned my teeth at Joy Miller's dental office was the BFF of my x-husband's wife and was telling me all the negatives about their lives, making nasty comments about his mother, telling me of their domestic abuse, etc.  All based off notes from my file that told her I was his x-wife.  I could have cared less about my x-husband or his wife or about discussing them with a complete stranger while getting my teeth cleaned.  That was so inappropriate; and what do you do when this woman has her hands in your mouth?  Dr. Lanning wondered why I would refused to have my teeth cleaned.  I told him.  BE CAREFUL ABOUT WHAT YOU SHARE.  They are gossips.

3) UNETHICAL:  When my dad died my family experienced disputes.  My sister made the mistake of sharing her feelings while in the dentist chair.  The web stats from my website showed that Joy Miller, DDS and her big nose was on my website snooping around looking for dirt.  Her searches told me what she was snooping for, what pages she looked at, documents she downloaded, etc.  Idiots like Joy Miller, DDS aren't smart enough to realize that there are analytics that show day, time, ARIN details, time spent on my website, downloaded documents and right there in black & white the big fat revealing identification of Joy Miller, DDS - SNOOPING AROUND where she has no business being.  How unprofessional is this woman?  To pray on people when they are grieving is the lowest form of a person.

4) Joy Miller, DDS doesn’t know how to properly align crowns.  My teeth have shifted dramatically because of her incompetence.  I'd never go back to her again.

5) Joy Miller, DDS tried to putty up my broken front tooth and purposely left a hook on the back that rubbed my tongue raw.  I told her about it and she said it would wear off.  It didn't.  She also rounded the putty making it impossible to bite properly and cemented my two front teeth together so I looked like bucky beaver when my other teeth separated.  I couldn't use my teeth to open a bag of chips, bite off a hang nail or anything else.  INCOMPETENCE!

6) SMART ALECK MOUTH:  Joy Miller made a smart mouth remark when I was in the chair.  I responded by teasingly calling her a bitch.  Make no mistake.  She is not worthy of respect.

Joy, please keep your smart mouth to yourself and your big nose out of my family's affairs.  Go back to dental school.... you need it.  I think her incompetence as a dentist will in time find her out.   Dr. Lanning left us with an incompetent.  I think Joy Miller is worse than that moron Dr. Sharp that was in Lanning's office.  I went to Dr. Lanning since I was 16 and had the utmost respect for him until he dumped Joy Miller on his unsuspecting patients.

I proudly sign my name to this sad review of how pathetic Joy Miller is as a dentist and a human.  

March 11, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
I Renounce God!  I Renounce Jesus Christ!

I renounce god, the so called "father", his so called "only begotten son, Jesus Christ" and all Christianity!  I've lost respect.  If this is the best the god I have prayed to my whole life can do after thousands of years; I'm done wasting my time believing.  Our entire world is in crisis.

The most overused clichés by religious hypocrites:
     May God Bless You.
     Put the "Christ" back in Christmas.
     Karma will get you.
     What goes around, comes around.

March 10, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
What if there were peace?

I was wondering what life on earth would be like, if we had peace.  Don't tell me to "Dream On".  Think about it.

There wouldn't be a need for bombs, missiles, monitoring, guns, ammunition, police, jails, destroyer jets, submarines and the list goes on.  People wouldn't be killed in wars or acts of violence.  We wouldn't have armies.  Chemical warfare wouldn't even be thought of.  Chernobyl wouldn't have happened. People would die of natural causes or possibly accidents, only.  Hate would end.

There wouldn't be cruel punishments for getting old or being sick like euthanasia.  There wouldn't be lethal injections, hanging, crucifixions, beheadings, torture, the electric chair or firing squads.  It seems like people of power try to see just how mean, cruel and vicious they can be.

What is every living creature had enough?  Enough food, water, health care, housing, education, transportation, warmth, utilities, fresh air... you get the picture.  Why is that so hard?

Forests, rivers, oceans, nature, animals and all that our version of a "mother nature" created would be respected and not destroyed.  So much for the big worry over climate change or day light savings.

Then I started thinking about Allah, God, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Buddah, the Pope, the Messiah, Prophets, Sun Gods, and other religious leaders or the belief of a higher manifestation that the majority of the world has never seen.  If these are the global spiritual leaders of the people of earth and are supposed to be "good" in all that they do, then my perception is; they suck!  They have totally screwed everything up for our world to be filled with so much hate, fighting, killing, destruction and devastation.

People like Marco Rubio who has to be shamed by his own children to "get it" and stop acting horrible.  My own sister being shamed by my aunt for cheating me out of my inheritance.  You all have to be shamed into doing the right thing.  Or even at that, you all can't or half heartedly admit fault.  That's pathetic.  Adults teaching their kids such bad behavior.  World leaders disrespecting other world leaders with hateful comments.

A God of love doesn't kill little children or allow babies to contract diseases of cancer and the such.  A God of love sure as heck doesn't allow a toddler to wash up dead on the sand like debris; or allow infants to be considered witches and starved to death.  But hey!  Let's make a photo op out of it before we lift those tiny children up.  Sinful!

Ask any church what the GPS of Heaven or Hell is.  They can't tell you.

Our world leaders are filled with corruption and greed.  Watching the candidates for president of the U.S. and the hate coming from other countries is beyond logic or reasoning of "good".  The UK wastes it's time banning Martha Stewart from entering their precious country.  Martha Stewart?  How ridiculous and petty is that?  Good Lord!  She bakes cookies and plans weddings.  She paid her debt to society.  I mean, come on.  Have they nothing better to do?  Are they that arrogant and unforgiving?

Homelessness, hunger, poverty & drugs ravage the world and nobody can seem to resolve the problem?  It's simple.  Learn to live in peace and plenty.

This has been going on for thousands of years.  It's time that all people of the world turn to peace and love.  No, I'm not an old Hippie (peace, love, dope).  I don't drink, smoke or do drugs.  One thing for sure.  If this is all the better God & Jesus Christ can do; I'm done with believing in them.  No "good" soul or God or leader allows this stupidity to go on that mankind has endured for thousands of years.  It's time for it to stop.

February 26, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice
eBay, eBay, eBay - Holy Shit!  What a bunch of assholes!

I remember now, why I stopped listing things on eBay.  More than the 10% fee, it's the buyers I got sick of.  Today, I permanently closed my account.  Never to return.  I'm sure nobody cares, but I'm going to vent anyway.

Some eBayers are super nice, but others... well, it's like they possess this superiority complex.  Actually, they are more like the school yard bully, but an adult version.  They're right.  You're wrong and they just have got to comment to flex their holier-than-thou muscle.  They can't help themselves.  They have to get the last word in.  That site reeks of know-it-alls!  

For me, today... it's like the 1987 movie, "Baby Boom" where Diane Keaton says, "The rat race will just have to do with one less rat."  I'm sick to death of the eBay assholes and their smart mouths.  This rat is outta there.  Goodbye eBay.  Good Riddance!  I wish you well.  You've seen the last of my money.  Yeah, I know.  Don't let the door hit me in the ass on my way out!

Matthew 7:1-3King James Version (KJV)

Judge not, that ye be not judged.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?


John 8:7King James Version (KJV)

So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.


February 18, 2016
Mary Margaret De Shon
One Voice

After reading Pope Francis' comments in this 
Reuters' article, I have to add, "Judge not, Pope Francis; lest ye be judged!  And ask Pope Francis, to let he who is without fault, cast the first stone.

I also read this article titled, "
Vatican says Catholic bishops not compelled to report sex abuse".  Oh my goodness, Pope Francis.  It appears that it is more important for the Catholic Church to save face vs. protecting small children from sexual predators; i.e.; Catholic Priests.  Is this what you are saying or have I misinterpreted?

I guess I'm not a Christian in Pope Francis' eyes, either.  I'm voting for Donald Trump.  I may be just one voice, but there are millions of other Americans who are joining Donald Trump's one voice.  You'll find that his "one voice" isn't alone, Pope Francis.  It's taking that one voice of Donald Trump's to let the rest of us be free and sing.

I'm not sure why these individuals who don't live in the United States of America seem to think they need to comment & judge.  We respect your Freedom of Speech; but we ask that you also respect ours.  When Jesus Christ died, I've not seen documentation that proves God appointed Pope Francis in charge of judgment.

Pope Francis is simply a man with an opinion.  We all know the old saying about opinions.  Everybody has one.  An unsolicited request, "Mind your own business, Pope Francis. Tear down the wall that surrounds the Vatican."

Pontiff means "bridge builder".  Tear down the wall that protects you, Pope Francis or are you not a Christian?  Build a bridge to Americans and Donald Trump.


© 2016  Mary Margaret De Shon

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