"Count Your Blessings & Smile"
by:  George Formby  May 31, 1940

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MAIN-Abandoned Things & Places
Abandoned Places & Things
Abandoned, Forgotten, Deteriorated, Ghost Town, Historic Register, Memories of the Past
Enchanted Forest
Theme Park
Ice Cream Shack
Ellicott City, Maryland
Amusement Park
 Anteprima Luneur Park
Luna Park Permanente
di Roma, Italy
Enchanted Forest
Theme Park
Dragon's Entrance
Ellicott City, Maryland
Lake Shawnee Amusement
Park, West Virginia
  Dragon Flyer Roller Coaster
Camelot Amusement Park
Lancashire, United Kingdom
Sanitarium Bathtubs Barn
Stockton, Missouri
Jackson Sanatorium ~ The Basement
Dansville, New York
Belle Isle Zoo
Detroit, Michigan
Neo-Gothic Groined
Vault Ceilings
Blue Orphanage
Bedroom Bath House
Near Bazaar Vakil
Bowling Shoes
Borjst Belt Hotel II
Sugar Bowl ~ Bowling Alley
East New Orleans, Louisiana
Beauregard Jail
DeRidder, Louisiana 
Built-in Bookcases Tennessee Brewing Company Memphis, Tennessee Plaster & Brick  Bridge
The Magical Amusement Park
Kigali, Rwanda
Tennessee Brewing Company
Memphis, Tennessee
Stone Building  Look at the Ceiling  Mausoleum Morris Pick Up Truck 
Broken Door
Jackson Sanatorium
Dansville, New York
Veterinary School Basement
Car Graveyard
Ardennes, Belgium
Gold Mining Town Church
Bodie Historic State Park
Church & Graveyard Church 
St. Curvy's Church
 Woodward Avenue
Presbyterian Church
Detroit, Michigan
St. Curvy's Church
 Woodward Avenue
Presbyterian Church
Detroit, Michigan
St. Curvy's Church
 Woodward Avenue
Presbyterian Church
Detroit, Michigan
Blue Orphanage
The Great Hallway
from so high up
Church Pipe Organ
Detroit, Michigan
Detroit, Michigan 
Stained Glass Window 
Theatre des Reines Ballroom Third Grade School Room
Western, North Carolina
Mansion Spiral Staircase Theater Projection Room
Berlin, Germany
Class Room in Maryland Clothing Factory
Steeple A.H. Sohleic Store Front
Coal Township, Pennsylvania
Cottage in Croatia Broken Cross
Denver, Colorado
Crypt von Tesmar Family Tomb
Klein-Borkow, Poland
Chapel in Europe 
St. Etienne Church in France Doll Factory in Spain Dentist Office
Detroit, Michigan
Bank in Detroit, Michigan Dining Hall in a 5 Star Hotel
Dundas Castle Green Room
West Lothian, Scotland
Gas Pump Chest of Drawers Hawthorne Plaza Mall Escalator
Doll in Rocker
Chateau Clochard ~ France
Airplane Grave Yard
St. Augustine, Florida
Farmhouse Bedroom Vancouver's McBarge
Floating McDonalds
Taunton State Hospital
Taunton, Massachusetts
Gas Pump Grossinger's Bar MobileOil Gas Pump
The Steampunk Greenhouse
Greenhouse Villa Maria Garden
Como, Italy
Texaco Gas Pump Pocono Mountains
Honeymoon Suite
Piano Sitting in Vines Sinking House
with a Bad Roof
Winter Snow Inside Steel Spiral Staircase
Poveglia, Venetian Lagoon 
Headstone Iron Staircase Cement Lion Eastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Joyland Amusement Park
Wichita, Kansas
Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe
Joyland Amusement Park
Wichita, Kansas
Joyland Amusement Park
Wichita, Kansas
Farm House Kitchen Farm House Kitchen Mark Twain Branch
Detroit Public Library
Light Shining Through
Library Library in Russia
Lily Pond Rolling Acres Mall
Akron, Ohio
Kimry, Russia
Psychiatric Log Book Rolling Acres Mall
Akron, Ohio
Lutheran Church
St. Louis Missouri
Beautiful Mansion Ceiling Mansion
Vedado Neighborhood
Havana, Cuba
Mausoleum in Recoleta Cemetery
Buenos Aires, Argentina
City Methodist Church
Gary, Indiana
The Old Mill Water Wheel
Cordoba, Spain
Wichita Falls, Texas
Astor Theater
Reading, Pennsylvania
Grand Piano
Pripyat, Ukrainian
Soviet Socialist Republic of the Soviet Union
Mirror Mirror
Nook Library Books in the Male Dormitory
North Brother Island, New York
Reel of Film
North Brother Island
New York, New York
The Hermitage
Savannah, Georgia
Villa Grosso di Grana
Carney's Corny Dog Stand
Shreveport, Louisiana
Carrousel Horse at City Park
Gary, Indiana
Hotel Adler
Sharon Springs, New York
Grand Piano, Tapestries & Fireplace Baby Grand Piano
Methodist Church
Necropolis de Cristobal Colon
Pioneer General Store
Hines, Minnesota
Penn Hills Resort ~ Indoor Pool
Poconos, Pennsylvania
Monastery Door Mansion in Portugal
Railroad Bridge Truss Pink Wall Morgue
Letchworth Village
Rockland County, New York
Route 66 Car in the Arizona Desert Fall Leaves on the Inside Roller Coaster
Ronald McDonald Jackson Sanatorium
Dansville, New York
Sutton Scarsdale Hall
Sutton Scarsdale, United Kingdom
Togo, Minnesota
Fatlips Tower
Roxburghshire, Scotland
Ship Graveyard
Sandbar, Bermuda Triangle
Mansion in the Philippines Sofa
Clayborn Temple
Memphis, Tennessee
Typewriter Staircase in France
Grand Staircase Stone Structure Stacked Stone Hobbit
Cotswolds, United Kingdom
Grand Staircase European Railway Train & Station The Sun Room
City Hall Subway Station #3
New York, New York
Ship Wreck
Red Sea
Airplane & Diver in the Ocean
Charity Hospital
New Orleans, Louisiana
Wheaton & Hollis Hotel
The Cinema
Top Hat Toy Loft
Killingly, Windham County, Connecticut
Toy Loft
Killingly, Windham County, Connecticut
Lee Tidewater Cypress Company
No 16 Train at Copeland, Florida
Villa Grosso di Grana
Piedmont Region, Italy
Taunton State Hospital Walkway
Taunton, Massachusetts
Water Slide in Austria
Water Tower Inside Looking Out  
Broken Window 703 Hall Street
St. Joseph, Buchanan County,
Missouri, USA
Viking Ship
Spreepark PlanterWald
Near Treptower Park
Berlin, Germany
Rusted to Pieces
Old Typewriter
1954 Oldsmobile
Vehicular Decay & Botanical Growth
Passenger Train
Passenger Train Graveyard Clayborn Temple
Memphis, Tennessee
Scranton Lace Company
Bowling Alley
Scranton, Pennsylvania