"Count Your Blessings & Smile"
by:  George Formby  May 31, 1940

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August 18, 2013:  She came for me and said it was time.
I said I wasn't ready and went on with what I was doing.
She came back a few minutes later and said it was time.  I went with her.
As I fell from 20' up, she held me in a glistening bubble as my body tumbled like a rag doll down the hill.
She was pearl & ivory colored and her wings immense.
My neck & ankle were broken.  She held my life in her hands.
Her wings kept the sun from my eyes.
There was a lapse in time.  The doctor said I should have been dead.
A hateful woman asked me how my angel worked for me as she made fun of my experience.
My response:   Have you ever seen one?
Angel Angel Wing Swing Angels Guard
Stairway to Heaven
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Prague, Czech Republic
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Main Cemetery
Frankfurt, Germany
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