"Count Your Blessings & Smile"
by:  George Formby  May 31, 1940

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Ants & Termites
I don't like ants or termites, but there is something addictive about watching them.
Aardvarks Eat Ants Hanging From A Flower Ant Up Close  Fire Ant
Takes on a Hornet 
Working Together  Ant Trap ~ Eating Poison Drink of Morning Dew 
Power of Determination & Balance The Strength of an Ant  Escape Ants 
Two Ants  Carpenter Ant Ants Carrying Giant Seed Pods 
Fire Ant Drinking Dancing Ants Teamwork
Army Ant Queen Proatta Queen & Worker Queen Ant
Mirror Image Ant Colony
Ants Underwater   Getting a Nice Drink Water Explosion
One Single Drop of Rain
Ant Rolling a Droplet of Water Solid Mass of Ants
Ants Drinking Ants and the Morning Dew Ant Stuck Inside Water Droplet
Ant Stuck Inside of a Dew Drop Purpose
Color Coded Ant Experiment Ant Eater